The day Facebook comes into existence, it took the whole of web-o-sphere into social storm. There are one-to-many ways available by which one considers on sharing and following things through Facebook. But what will be case, if you want to add Facebook follow button in your WordPress blog. Yes, you heard it correct, with some simple steps, you too consider on adding follow button in your WordPress blog.

Steps To Follow

#1 For Single Author WordPress Blog

  • To start with, simply add a Facebook follow button with the help of the code via Facebook Social Plugins website.
  • This code can then be pasted to your WordPress theme page, widget or template, wherever you want.
  • Once you are in the Facebook Social Plugins website, you will be asked to provide Facebook profile URL of the user, and Facebook automatically generates the follow button preview for that.
  • Further, it offers you to choose a layout as well as ask you to configure the appearance of the plugin, which you can get it by clicking on the Get code button.
  • Once you have the code in front of you, simply copy it and make it paste where you want to display Facebook follow button in your WordPress blog.

#2 For Multiple Authors WordPress Blog

  • Simply install and activate Facebook plugin which once upon activated will add to a Facebook menu item in your WordPress admin sidebar.
  • Clicking on it means you will be requiring application key and secret key. For this, now go to Facebook Developers website by logging in with your Facebook account.
  • Once you are in Facebook Developers website, click on Create New App button followed by which a small pop up would appear, which will ask you to provide your app name.
  • Once done, you will enter into a developer page of your app where you will see your App ID and App Secret Key, the one which you require at first step (above).
  • Simply copy those keys and make them paste into your Facebook plugin’s page on your WordPress website.

The Final Step: Adding The Facebook Follow Button

  • Now to add the Facebook follow button, simply go to Facebook» Follow Button menu option. In this an option comes in front of you that will say where you want your follow button to appear i.e. posts, page, archives etc as well as you want it before or after posts or both.
  • Further you can also choose the color scheme as well as content width and so on, totally as per you choice. Once you are done with selection, simply save the changes.
  • Once you are done with setup, simply connect Facebook account with the WordPress blog.
  • If you are running a single author website, then go to Facebook » Social Publisher and click on the link Associate your WordPress account with a Facebook account while if you are running a multi author website, then your WordPress blog can connect other author accounts from Users » Profile page with which they can connect their account.