While one-to-many times, you do wondered and feel the heat that I want something like infinite scrolling on my WordPress website page which will never get ended. Luckily we do have many of WordPress themes available which can help us achieve our aim but what if the theme that we like didn’t come up with in-built infinite scrolling. If that will be the case, we will say don’t be shattered as we got a solution for that with us. You can achieve this by using the plugin name Infinite Scroll.

Plugin To Use: Infinite Scroll

The plugin automatically append the next page of posts (via AJAX) to your page when a user scrolls to the bottom, which means the user never need to click “Next Page”, which dramatically increases stickiness. The Infinite Scroll even often known as autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages.


  • Works out-of-the-box for many popular WordPress themes — just activate the plugin and scroll
  • Fully customizable to adapt to your site and theme
  • Requires no (hopefully) template hacking, only a knowledge of CSS selectors.
  • Relies on shared database of common themes to simplify installation process
  • Maintain local database of theme presets for all installed themes (shared across network on multisite installs)
  • Countless API endpoints to modify the behavior.
  • Backwards compatible: Will not break RSS readers, mobile devices, or browsers with javascript

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Photo Credit: Flickr/Romain Guy