There comes a condition in front of you many times when you wish that your favorite sidebar will get added to your post and page content. But the confusion over on this exactly will be the best bet to perform.

amr shortcode any widget

Starting with you need to install a plugin name amr shortcode any widget first and once activated go to Appearance >> Widgets. Once completing this task, now drag and drop the widgets you want to display in your post or page into the Shortcodes sidebar, followed by adding the shortcode [do_widget id=widgetid] in a page or post.

Plugin in use: amr shortcode any widget

The amr shortcode any widget is a simply “utility” plugin which allows you to have any widget used in a page shortcode in any theme.

Steps To Follow:

  1. Test chosen widget works in normal sidebar first.
  2. Activate this plugin
  3. Go to Appearance > widgets and find “shortcode” sidebar
  4. Drag chosen widgets from configured sidebar to shortcodes sidebar. Save.
  5. Go to page where you want configured widget to appear
  6. enter one of: [do_widget widgetname] eg: [do_widget calendar] [do_widget “widget name”]. eg: [do_widget “tag cloud”] [do_widget id=widgetid] in a page or post
  7. If the plugin cannot work out what you want, it will show a debug prompt , click on the debug prompt and look for the id of your widget in the shortcodes sidebar. Try with the id.

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