If there is something that buzzes the loudest in the blogging-verse, it most definitely is WordPress. While the competition is tough as the other incredibly useful platforms like Joomla and Drupal are breathing close down its neck, WordPress continues to be the first resort of bloggers – the experienced and beginner ones.

That said, there are naysayers everywhere and WordPress is no exception. Since its inception, there have been complaints tossed at this CMS from those who either weren’t able to understand the way it works, or simply propagated the myths for the heck of it.

Now these are more of misconceptions that are also widely believed by the bloggers who are about to step into the web realm, and that’s why it becomes critical to bring them forth in open discussions so that all the interpretations and misinterpretations are cleared once for all:

It is Easier for Intruders to Break into a WordPress Site

There is no clarity as to wherefrom did this myth emerged, but this one is surely has a lack of reason writ all over it. Putting it without equivocation, any program on Internet is susceptible to intrusion attacks. But it boils down to the inherent security at the end of the day. If the developers of the program have equipped it with algorithms robust enough to thwart the attacks, you can bank on it and use it without being jittery. And WordPress happens to be one of those programs.

The WordPress developers have made sure that it is vested up with security algorithms that are robust and impenetrable. Besides, there are constant updates being made on WP, thus making certain that it creates a firewall against the latest of viruses doing the rounds on the web.

WordPress Websites are Slow as Compared to the Sites on other CMSes

the slow speed of the website can be amounted to a truckload of other reasons that may or may not have to do anything with WordPress. Granted, at times you might have chosen a wrong WP theme for your blog, which significantly hampers the loading time of the website and renders it to run slow over all browsers and devices. In that case, you should seek some professionals help so as to know which themes you are better off avoiding and which themes are most compatible and quick. Besides the theme issues, there are factors like too many images or animations used on the website, the problems on the part of the hosting service provider, too many plugins installed on the site, etc. so, if you have been experiencing slow loading times on your site, be certain if it is due to any of the afore-mentioned factors. If the hosting service provider is a problem, it is apparent that you go for a company that may be charging a price relatively higher, but makes it worthwhile with the qualitative standard they are offering.

The WordPress Websites Fail to Look Anything More than a Typical WordPress Blog

If you have been led to believe that in terms of the design and the layouts, WordPress websites fail to look different or are unable to shake off the typical WordPress character, it’s time to look around. Internet is filled with stunning looking websites made wholly on WordPress but not giving a squint of a hint visually. And you don’t have to even look for developers in order to get that design developed. The assortment of WP themes and plugins prove to be more than sufficient to lend a unique and refreshingly different look to your website.

WordPress Plugins are a Grave Risk to Site Security

Whilst it’s true that hackers and intruders have their own set of WP plugins, embedded with malicious codes, uploaded on the Internet for the bloggers to download, but if you invest a few seconds or a minute while going through the ratings of a plugin and whether or not is mentioned on the Internet by bloggers who write on WordPress, you might as well prevent yourself from installing such plugins. There is enough literature available on the Internet on the WP plugins to determine if a particular plugin is authentic or not.

Bloggers have been given an exceptional tool in the form of WordPress to present their skills to a huge band of audience. And getting a firmer understanding of how this CMS works is what shall give their blogging endeavor a velvet touch.