A WordPress blogs, hundreds of thousands of plugins options available and what more, thousands of ways available to use these plugins but what better, if you use some good short codes which are good enough to offer you the kind of functionality that you are looking for and that in one-to-many cases, these easily available free (or premium) plugins not able to offer you. In this article, you will find ten of best WordPress snippets which not only help you but also make your job easy.


Turn Over Address Components to an Array

The snippet will help you breaking up an address into components while it also sorts a multidimensional array of location alphabetically by state.

Source: Snipplr

WordPress is_child() and is_ancestor()

To use the following snippet, simply add it in your theme’s functions.php template.

Source: CodeByte

WordPress Admin Area Functions

The snippet will allow to accomplish different WordPress functions, including after registration redirect, remove generator, admin footer, remove default dashboard items, hoook into the ‘wp_dashboard_setup’ action to register our function, remove unnecessary page/post meta boxes, screen options – remove columns and remove WP logo.

Source: Snipplr

WP – Roles and Capabilities

The snippet will let you define different roles and capabilities.

Source: Snipplr

WP Menu custom walker

The snippet will allow you to create a menu.

Source: Snipplr

WordPress – get an RSS feed, display items with a loop

The snippet will allow you to retrieve a feed into WordPress.

Source: Dangayle

Clear out jquery to prevent conflicts

The snippet will let you either link a script with a handle previously registered using the wp_register_script() function, or provide this function with all the parameters necessary to link a script.

Source: AmberWeinberg

WordPress Typography Formatting

The snippet lets dummy content to format typographic/html tags for WordPress copy.

Source: Snipplr

NO Follow WordPress Tag Cloud

The following snippet will result in no following WordPress Tag cloud. All you have to do is to add the snippet to your theme’s functions.php.

Photo Credit: thisismyurl via photopin cc