So you’re on a mission to lose some weight, and you love WordPress. Well look no further, we’re about to help you merge two of your favorite things. WordPress plugins for people trying to lose some weight! Whether your method is juice cleanses (special deal here for those looking for a cheap juice cleanse in Milwaukee), drinking loads of water (yes, that is a weight loss technique), exercising like a there’s no tomorrow, or simply eating a bit healthier, we’ve got the low-down for all the ways WordPress can help! It’s much easier to feel proud of yourself and receive outside encouragement when you’re keeping track of how much you’re improving, and you’ve got friends backing you up, cheering you on every step of the way.

Weight Loss Tracker – this plugin lets you keep track of how much you’re weighing. It gives you graphs and a chart format so it tailors to your style of tracking. Once you enter a date, weight and notes for a specific entry, the graph will update to reflect the most recent additions of data. You can enter your weight in metric kilograms, stones, and pounds.

Your Points Plus – this handy plugin lets you track your points daily using the Weight Watchers point system. This way, you can have an easy way to see what you’ve been eating, what your habits are, where you can perhaps improve, and what areas you need to watch out for, all in one easy to use and beautiful platform!

BMI Calculator Plugin – BMI for those who don’t know stands for body mass index, which is often a strong indication of whether or not your weight is in the healthy range. The formula for this is kilograms divided by your height. Although there is no official range for a healthy BMI as this depends on a variety of factors, BMI is often a good indicator of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, as well as a variety of other chronic illnesses related to one’s eating and activity levels.

PricePlow Profit – for those of you hoping to become WordPress famous and have a story that inspires others, this is the plugin for you. This will allow you to add banners and advertisements for weight loss products on the sides of your page. If you choose to do this, please read the fine print of the company you’re signing up with carefully.

Happy healthy living!