Being arguably the most widely used blogging and content management platform on the internet today, it should come as no surprise that there are tons and tons of WordPress video guides out there on various websites. For anyone new to WordPress, these guides are going to be an amazing resource considering many of them are jam-packed full of helpful information, tips, and tricks that will improve your experience with the platform.

When you come across a great WordPress video guide on some website – normally it will be in the form of an embedded video stream. What this means is that you’ll be able to watch it only when you’re online – which can be a bit of a drawback, particularly if you would like to refer to it at some point where you don’t have access to the internet.

Although most websites and embedded video streams don’t provide you with any way to ‘save’ videos and watch them offline, you can actually do so with the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Seeing as it is screen capture software, it will let you download videos from any site by recording them directly off your screen.

While it is true that technically any screen capture software can do that, there is none that is easier to use than the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. With it you can simply set the capture region to encompass the video, and start the recording with a single click. Once it is done, the software will even help you to automatically optimize your video for any device or platform with the hundreds of presets that are built into it.

Before you save the WordPress video guides that you record however, you may want to explore the other features of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Essentially these features will allow you to edit and improve your video by enhancing its quality, cutting and combining video segments, inserting customizable text, applying special effects or filters, and even adding audio tracks.

All that flexibility is going to really pay off if you use it wisely. To begin with, you may want to ‘cut out’ the most important tips from the WordPress video guides you encounter – and combine them into a single video. Having a reference video in that form will certainly help, and you could even optimize it for your mobile devices and keep it on you at all times so that you can quickly refer to it when needed.

The more you explore the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, the more you’ll start to realize that the features it brings to the table have a ton of potential – and all you need to do is put it to use.