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Reviewed – Discount Rules For WooCommerce

Discounts are necessary marketing tactics for any eCommerce store. One thing you can’t take away from online shoppers is the need to look out for the best deal. So creating a discount offer is Read More

Best Of WordPress Captcha Plugins


The first thing comes in mind in order to avoid spammers from getting your website hit with lots of spam emails is to have captcha onboard. Certainly there are one-to-many captcha styles available, but important is that it needs to be implemented for sure in your website. Here in this article, we have rounded up some of amazing WordPress Captcha plugins.


The plugin adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all.

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Sweet Captcha

The plugin protect your website from spam using our human friendly, fun and designed Captcha plugin.

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The plugin allows you to implement super security captcha form into web forms.

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Image Captcha

The plugin is a powerful captcha protection for WordPress login and comment forms. It is free and easy to use tool that will protect you from spam in the comments and prevent hacking the admin panel.

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Best Import Plugins For Your WordPress Blog


Quite one-to-many times, you as a WordPress website owner want to import data to the website. Data can be anything like links, images, contents, XML file and more. Well, what possibly you can do to ease the job by using the WordPress “import” plugin for your website. Considering the same, in this article, we have showcased the best import plugins for your WordPress blog.

Link Library

The plugin is used to be able to create a page on your web site that will contain a list of all of the link categories that you have defined inside of the Links section of the WordPress administration, along with all links defined in these categories.

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Members Import

The plugin allows you to batch import of users/members taken from an uploaded CSV file.

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The plugin is a powerful, yet simple, CSV importer and exporter for WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.

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Attachment Files Importer

The plugin scan your WordPress installation for all missing attachment files and download them from another WordPress installation.

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WP RSS Multi Importer

The plugin is an all-In-One solution for importing, merging and displaying RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site.

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Supra CSV

The plugin parse uploaded CSV files into any type of post including custom post.

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WP Advanced Importer Plugin

The plugin comes with better image handling, migration and user experience.

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CSV Importer

The plugin import posts from CSV files into WordPress.

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Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce

The plugin easily import products from any XML or CSV file to WooCommerce with the WooCommerce add-on for WP All Import.

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Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress

The plugin is an extremely powerful plugin that makes it easy to import any XML or CSV file to WordPress.

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WooCommerce CSV importer

The plugin import products into WooCommerce.

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WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin

The plugin turns your offline data as WordPress post, page or custom post data’s by simple mapping feature as CSV file import.

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Best Of WordPress Gallery Plugins


If you are having lots of photographs in your website, then it is very much important for you to have the gallery onboard. Well to have a gallery, here in this article, we have collected the best of WordPress gallery plugins for you.

NextGEN Gallery

The plugin is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, and one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time, with over 12 million downloads.

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Photo Gallery

The plugin is an advanced plugin with a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for different views. It is fully responsive.

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Best Of WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Google Maps

No doubt you will be requiring sometimes having Google Maps onboard on your website. Well overall it is much good to have it but sometimes because of having not much technical knowledge, it all results in vain. In order to have your job to an ease, here in this article, we have collected the best of WordPress Google Maps plugins for you.

Google Maps Builder

The plugin is an intuitive, sleek, powerful and easy to use. Visually build powerful customized Google Maps to use on your WordPress site quickly and easily without ever having to touch a bit of code.

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Geo Mashup

The plugin lets you save location information with posts, pages, and other WordPress objects. These can then be presented on interactive maps in many ways.

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CP Google Maps

The plugin allows to associate geolocation information to your posts and to integrate your blog with Google Maps in an easy and natural way.

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WordPress Chat Plugins Collection


Here in this article, we have showcased the WordPress chat plugins collection.

MyLiveChat – Free Live

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WordPress bbPress Plugins Collection


Here in this article, we have showcased the WordPress bbPress plugins collection.

bbPress auto subscribe for new topics and replies

The plugin automatically checks the subscription checkbox for new bbPress topics or bbPress replies and saves the last state via Ajax for each user.

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rtMedia for

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WordPress Author Plugins Collection


Here in this article, we have showcased the WordPress author plugins.

Simply Guest Author Name

The plugin creates a post and override the author name with one or more names or text.

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Author and Post Statistic Widgets

The plugin is an easy solution to display authors’ activity and popular posts with statistic information in sidebar widgets.

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Bringing Your WordPress Database To Default Settings

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you felt like to reset your WordPress database to default settings? Say, for example, you want to move your website from local server to main server, then there will be a need arise to reinitialize your WordPress database back to its default settings. While a lot of people think to do all the things from scratch and ends in reinstalling WordPress, but there is other and better option also available for you. In this article, we are going to discuss about the plugin name WordPress Database Reset. Once you begin using the plugin, you will be able to easily bring your WordPress database to default settings.


Plugin To Use: WordPress Database Reset

The plugin is a secure and easy way to bring your WordPress database back to its default settings while there will be no need to reinstall the WordPress from the scratch. To install, copy the wp-reset folder and its content to your wp-content/plugins directory, and then activate it while you could also use the built-in Add New plugin feature within WordPress. Once activated, you will automatically be redirected to the plugin page.

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