There is time comes when you wish and want to have a simple but elegant price table in your WordPress blog. While the pricing table requires a fair level of good design knowledge and CSS which makes starters to forget on creating a price table by themselves. Well, to ease the job for both starters as well as experts, in this article I will help you create beautiful price tables in WordPress without editing even a single code line to it.

Price Table

To start with process, you have to download and activate the plugin name Price Table which will gives you a price table post type, with an easy to use builder and an attractive design. The plugin gives you a drag and drop interface for building price tables. Assuming you had downloaded and activated the plugin, let’s begin the process.

Steps To Follow:

  1. Upon activation, a new menu option will be added known as “Price Tables.”
  2. Click on Add Column and you will see a new column. (It is recommended here to not to add more than four columns as it makes the look bad_.
  3. Once you have created the table, simply Publish it.
  4. A shortcode will be displayed which looks like: [price_tablet id=101]
  5. Take the shortcode and paste it into any WordPress page or post and you are done.