Bing Maps

Quite a many times you do wish to have bing maps in your WordPress blog. Then, whether it will be just to display your own brand address (for contact purpose) or showcasing different locations (if you are planning to use it in the blog). Possibilites are many on how you like to use it but utterly important is that how you plan to implement it in your website. In context to the above, I am going to share out the ways in this article with which you can have bing maps with you.

#1 Option 1 – With Plugin

Plugin 1: BingMaps

In order to get started, first you need to install and activate the plugin name BingMaps. The BingMaps plugin will let you add an interactive map(s) to your WordPress Page or Post, using the Bing Maps AJAX Control. Once you activate the plugin, go to the settings page and enter your BingMaps key and you are done.

Plugin 2: Leaflet Maps Marker

Install and activate the plugin name Leaflet Maps Marker. Once activated, create an account on Bing Maps Portal website from where you get your Bing Map API key. Once done, you are ready to create your first marker map.

#2 Option 2 – Without Plugin

Go to Bing Maps and search for the location or map which you wish to embed in your website. As soon as you found the location, simply click the share button which leads to open up a popup screen. The popup screen will show you an embed code as well as a link to the map. Once you got your code, all you require now is to simply copy this code and paste it in your website, wherever you want to display the Bing Map.