So you have a brilliant plan in your head and are all set to start your blog. You start your computer, ready with your plans in your head, get a blog account sorted, and you think this is it, now I can get down to business. But by now, you probably already know, opening a blog account is the simplest thing there is to the whole process of starting a blog or a website. After opening an account, you are then faced with questions like, what layout do you want to choose, which template do you prefer, what font size would you like with that, where would you place your advertisements, and worst of all, making a manual change in the code of the page itself, the list goes on and on.

But don’t get disheartened, while there are initial technical hurdles that you have to overcome, if you look for help there is help available every step of the way. While most of it comes at a price, if you are willing to look long and hard, there are some very useful sites that come to your rescue. One such site is This is a great site if you have just started off blogging and don’t know what to do next, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of web designing or developing your site technically.


Themify is a great tool whether you are a developer, web designer or a blogger with no prior knowledge of programming or designing. The tool is so easy to use to use that we actually call Themify a collection of themes and plugins that you can simply use on your site. The plug and play nature of all the themes available on the site, allows you to build responsive layouts on WordPress that look professional, are easy to navigate and great to use. With Themify, you can either pick the free plan or join the Themify Club where for $79 you get access to all the themes as well as one year of support and updates.

But what if your idea for the site design is quite radical and you simply cannot find a theme on Themify that matches your vision. This is where Themify Flow comes in. A recently launched initiative, Themify Flow is taking the entire process of designing themes into the public domain. Although most customers love the freedom that Themify offers, when it comes to customizing the themes on offer, Themify realises that some of their users would rather prefer to design the entire site by themselves, rather than starting with a template. Themify Flow addresses this desire to design your own site but gives you the leverage of not using any code.


Themify Flow comes with simple drag and drop options you can create a responsive page that looks professionally done. You get to choose which module sites where and what shows up when you click on a link and you get to do this by simply dropping these elements where you want them to work. The editor shows you instant previews of the elements you add, giving you complete control of how they work and respond.

If you have ever attempted controlling the styling on a web page with code, you will know how painful making those little changes is. The Styling Panel on Themify Flow lets you style your site whether it is uploading images, deciding font colour or styles in a way, where styling becomes fun and you want to experiment more. The best part is, you can simply store all your experiments and use them in the future. Each template you design can have its own layout, header, footer, sidebar, category, tag and also couple them with third party plugins such as WooCommerce.

So, if you would like to design a theme of your own, then why not try out Themify Flow today. Else, simply head to Themify Club and choose from hundreds of pre-designed themes that can help you start your website or blog today.