If you’ve ever wondered what market domination looks like, WordPress is the perfect example. Around sixty percent of all current websites online built using a site builder were built with WordPress, and over twenty-three percent of all sites built manually were also done with WordPress. Given these statistics, it’s no wonder than many think WordPress has got to be the best. However, is this platform the best for your small business site? Let’s find out.


WordPress was built predominantly for blogging, and still remains true to its roots. A new WordPress site has features and functions which all support one main purpose: a well-designed and search engine friendly blogging platform which includes essentials such as content categorisation and tagging, comments, link management and more.

Since its launch, WordPress has always been an open source product. This is a fact leading to two results – it’s free for the most part, and there is a diverse set of talented developers and designers who can contribute code to enhance the features, design and functionality of the platform.

Over time, WordPress plugins have added a ton of new features to what was once a simple blogging platform. From e-commerce plugins to themes created by award-winning graphics designers, WordPress has been catapulted to the forefront of design and technology.

Room to Grow

WordPress comes with two different options – hosted, or self-hosted. Although both versions have their own respective advantages and disadvantages, when taken together they offer small businesses a platform that will grow along with the business needs.

Hosted WordPress

Small businesses looking to set up a WordPress site should start out with the hosted version. When launching a small business, getting a website up and running is usually just one thing on a long to-do list. Unless the business is based online and relies on site sales for profit, the website will more often than not be simply a marketing solution. In this situation, a hosted WordPress site is best as it takes all the hassle away from you. However, a hosted site can be quite restrictive when it comes to customisation.

Self-Hosted WordPress

If your website outgrows the hosted version of WordPress – which can be quite restrictive – there is room to grow by moving on to bigger and better things with a self-hosted version. This is available for free at wordpress.org, although many web hosting companies, including the best UK reseller hosting companies, offer the tools to easily install a self-hosted version of WordPress. Doing this will give you complete freedom over your site. You will be able to use outside themes, and modify the code in a less restrictive way than with the hosted version. However, freedom comes with a price – there’s no trusted partner in place to manage the technical side of things.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages to both versions of WordPress for small businesses, it is one of the best choices that you can make if you’re looking for a platform which is feature rich and allows room for your business to grow.