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Working on number of websites definitely causes a big havoc to you but what about managing all such WordPress websites of yours tension free. Well, the answer is YES, you can manage all the sites without any tension. People here at often asked us that what and how we can able to manage all the things, ranging from updating themes to plugins to keeping up backups of all of your WordPress websites. In this article, we will show up the different possible tools which you can think on opting up for.

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#1 ManageWP

ManageWP is the world’s first and finest WordPress management console, which was founded back in year 2010. The service offers users a tension free atmosphere giving you the full power as well as complete control in managing virtually any number of WordPress websites including powerful management, monitoring, backup, deployment, publishing and security tools.

Some Key Facts

  • The Founder: Vladimir Prelovac
  • Established in: 2010
  • The Team: 17 People
  • Support Response Time: 25 minutes

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#2 CMS Commander

CMS Commander lets you save time on your daily management tasks presenting the best WordPress control panel. With one single dashboard, you will be able to have all your websites in one single reach while you can control them in bulk with only a few clicks.

Some Key Facts (Statistics from May 2014)

  • Plugins Updated: 17,138
  • Backups Created: 37,728
  • Themes Installed: 4,018
  • Website Cloned: 3,236
  • Articles Written: 31,912
  • Comments Approved: 18,571

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#3 MainWP

MainWP allows you to securely manage all your WordPress sites from one powerful easy to use dashboard. MainWP is a self-hosted open source alternative.

Some Key Facts

  • Developer Friendly: Open Source and available on GitHub. MainWP Codex for Custom Extension Creation
  • Customize MainWP to Your Needs with Extensions
  • Private and Self-hosted Dashboard with Network Discovery Protection

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The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team at JustWP is a team of WordPress experts led by Karan Chopra.

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  • Awesome post. can u tell how you created that screenshott.. any tool?

    • Thanks. Well, although I used a public domain image BUT you can achieve the same with some simple steps.
      1. Say you open up the image with Windows Photo Gallery
      2. Once opened, find the tool which says rotate at certain degree in either direction.
      3. Doing this, the task got completed which you want to achieve.
      Hope this helps.