The market is currently flooded with lots of scheduling software tailored for freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. The vast amount of these software makes it a bit challenging to pick the right one that matches your specifications and needs. Most scheduling software in the market often come with a bloated set of features, outdated design or complex user interface. Having a beautifully designed scheduler that comes with useful features, reliable performance, affordable pricing, and a simple, user-friendly interface, is always a plus for any freelancer or entrepreneur, and this is what CozyCal brings to the table.


CozyCal is more than just your average scheduling software; it goes above and beyond to save time for your business by automating the scheduling process. Created by two-person team, CozyCal is built to be nimble, design-centric and efficient. It is an easy to use, embeddable, and highly customizable scheduling software that allows users to manage calendars, process payments, customize booking pages all in one place. Additionally, by adding CozyCal to your website, it helps increase lead generation and accelerate customer conversion

What’s On Offer?

CozyCal offers a WordPress plugin that can be easily added to any WordPress websites. With a simple and clean editor, one can set flexible availabilities, create branded booking pages, customize intake-forms, enable timezone detection and automate confirmation and reminder emails. The scheduling plugin’s contemporary look helps to highlight your business’s branding and attract more leads.

Additionally, it syncs with Google and Outlook calendars to ensure that availabilities are updated in real-time, thereby avoiding double bookings. CozyCal also creates a client database when new clients schedule sessions, so you can track booking history to gain key insights on what’s working for your business.

CozyCal is dedicated to offer around the clock customer support. You can chat with the support team anytime within the app if you have issues or feedback.

Team Scheduling

Another amazing feature of CozyCal is Team Scheduling. With team scheduling, you can invite team members to join the same booking page. This allows each team member to control their respective booking flows and availabilities. Guests can choose to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a preferred team member or let the team member be assigned automatically in a round-robin style. Additionally, you can selectively grant team member the admin status. As an admin, one can edit booking page settings, invite or delete new members, and manage their access status.


CozyCal makes it easy for you to integrate with various platforms, applications, and tools. You can add CozyCal’s plugin on WordPress websites to collect leads, sync with Google and Outlook calendars to control your availabilities, connect with Stripe to streamline payment collection, integrate with Zapier to automate workflows, generate Google Hangouts meeting links, and track booking sessions through Google Analytics. CozyCal’s integration capabilities enable the scheduling process to be seamlessly connected with your existing workflows so you can acquire and engage more customers.


In terms of pricing, CozyCal offers two pricing options; the free subscription and the paid pro plan. The pro plan has either monthly or yearly billing options. The monthly billing option is $12 and the yearly billing option is $10 which is about 20% cheaper than monthly billing.

The free plan comes with limited features while the pro plan offers unlimited number of appointments, team scheduling and integration features. Upon signing up, you have a 10-days free trial on the Pro plan, and then decide if you want to upgrade to the pro plan or stay with the free plan.


CozyCal is a design-centric and nimble scheduling software that enables entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers to streamline scheduling. What makes CozyCal unique is that it can be customized to make your branding stand out, and create a seamless scheduling experience that generate quality leads. With its easy website embedding and powerful third-party app integrations, CozyCal will be your reliable scheduling buddy. Try the CozyCal plugin today and see its amazing features for yourself.