eZanga Contextual

WordPress Publishers can now say good bye to banner advertising thanks to eZanga’s latest plugin for contextual advertising: eZanga Contextual. Yes, after years of banner adverts on your WordPress site, you can now proudly place adverts relevant to the content that you post. The best part is, you need to do nothing. Just install the eZanga plugin and it will do the rest for you, from finding relevant ads to helping you monetize your website.

Unlike traditional advertising platforms that rely on cookies and the user’s history on the web to show case adverts, contextual advertising uses the site’s content to display ads. This is done by first analysing the text on the site by focussing on the key words.

So, if your site speaks about Pet Care or How to take care of your car, then eZanga’s plugin will analyse the text and pick up ads that are most relevant to the content on your site and display them. That means when a visitor comes to your site looking for information regarding pets and finds a relevant advert, then he/ she is more likely to click the ad. This means more clicks per page view for you and therefore better monetization, as compared to banner advertising.

As a publisher, all you need to do is install the plugin and let it analyse the content on your site. The plugin finds the best adverts for your site, which can include texts, graphics and even media messages, all of them targeted by the geographical and demographic data from your site. You might be using some advertising platforms already, which largely use the length and the width of your webpage effectively.

However, all these platforms fail to utilise your greatest asset, the content. Simply let the plugin’s algorithm crawl your page and find relevant ads for your site. You will be amazed at how underutilized your content has been so far. But, this does not mean that you give away complete control to the plugin to display these ads. eZanga realises how publishers like to control how their site looks, works and responds. Therefore, all adverts being published from the plugin are fully customizable to the publisher’s content.

You can choose from a variety of designs that will be used to display the adverts and even change the text colour, to match the theme on your site. For advertisers too, contextual advertising makes more economic sense. Instead of using your advertising budget for bombarding all and sundry with your advert, you can now selectively target places where people are looking for relevant information. This targeted advert placement will not only help you reduce your advertising expenses but also give you a better return on investment than large scale advertising.

Since contextual advertising works on Cost per Click (CPC) model, targeted advertising reduces your CPC and amount spent on acquisition of new clients or business. Although adverts placed contextually will offer better results, with eZanga’s plugin, advertisers can also gauge which channels perform better during their campaigns and help them strategize their next campaigns around this information.

Although, the contextual plugin from eZanga has come recently, the company has been in the business of advertising solutions from 2003. With over a decade of experience, first as a start up and then as an award winning Business Company, eZanga understands the needs of publishers as well as advertisers perfectly and builds products that help them grow.

There is no surprise then that the company has been recognized by Deloitte, SmartCEO magazine and Philly 100 as the fastest growing company in Philadelphia. But do not let these accolades divert you from what really matters. Try out the eZanga contextual Plugin today and gain massively from keyword searches and the content on your site or blog.