When you start a new online business and as you start acquiring customers, you realize that new customers tend to have similar kind of questions.  While this might sound silly at first, many businesses take a while to realize that only a small percentage of customers actually ask these questions, while a majority simply leave without clearing their doubts. What it means for you as a business, is that had a potential customer asked you a question, you had better chance of converting him into a long term customer, but that chance is lost, if the customer does not contact you.

This is where the idea of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs on popular websites comes from. While it has an added benefit of letting the core team focus on major issues rather than answering similar queries over the lifetime of the website, the biggest advantage is that it helps you convert a sizeable portion of customers who would have simply turned away. But merely having a set of FAQs on your website is not enough. You need it to be visible, detailed and rich with content from your end. To do this, what you need is a good FAQ plugin such as Heroic FAQs.

The Team Behind It

Heroic FAQs comes to you from Heroic Media Ltd, a young company based out of Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom. Heroic Media is also the developer for Hero Themes, a WordPress only theme that power close to 20,000 websites. Founded in 2013, Heroic Media’s themes are designed for websites that carry a lot of information for their visitors. By helping users quickly get to the information they are seeking, the Heroic Media’s theme and plugin help websites grow without growing their support requests. The Heroic FAQs plugin is yet another step in the same direction that helps you bring onboard new customers, without spending too much time, answering their simple queries.


Heroic FAQs is extremely easy to install and setup. You can use your WordPress version 4.4 or higher and install Heroic FAQ using the ZipFile or the FTP. Once installed, simply activate your plugin using the licence key supplied by the company. All the FAQs can be arranged in groups which are then placed on your website. Groups are helpful when your business involves multiple processes and queries for each process are varied. So, you can get started by clicking on Create A FAQ group. Each question you list under this group, will automatically be shown on your FAQs page. By default, Heroic FAQs collapses all answers and lists only questions. So, users can simply hover over to the question they are interested and click on it and as a FAQ writer you can write the answers in as much detail as you want. Additionally, you can also use a toggle button to switch off few FAQs or even a FAQ group without actually deleting it.

The Features

Heroic FAQs are popular amongst website creators largely due to the ease with which one can set up the FAQ page. The drag and drop interface lets you organize your questions and answers quickly and even regroup them at will. Irrespective of the length of your FAQs, the Heroic plugin lets you edit all of them on a single page. Unlike other FAQ builders that presume that only text is sufficient for creating FAQs, this plugin lets you add content to your text, making it more informative. Apart from images, you can also add lists, block quotes and even videos into your FAQs with the Heroic plugin. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to draft your FAQs to perfection, without having to worry about the looks of the final product.

A unique feature of the Heroic FAQ plugin is the ability to add your FAQs to your content. Yes, instead of placing a link, you can use the FAQ configurator and simply insert a group of your FAQs right inside your content. In case you are worried about how your FAQs will look across devices, let me assure you that plugin creators have taken sufficient care to ensure that they FAQs show up well on desktops as well as mobile devices. You can even customize your FAQs to match the branding on your site, so that they do not jut out like a sore thumb. There are five beautiful pre-designed styles that the plugin comes with. You can choose any of these styles to display your FAQs without any extra charge.

The Pricing

Coming to pricing, the Heroic FAQ plugin comes at a simple one-time pricing of $49 for one website. This pricing comes with a year of updates along with premium support for the year. If you would like to use this plugin on more than one website, you can purchase the professional licence at $69 which also comes with one year of updates and premium support. In case, you are a web developer and would like to use this plugin for your customers, you can simply buy the Business pack at $149 for 10 websites and priority support. All packages come with a standard 30 day money back guarantee, in the rare event that you are not happy with the product.

Conclusion – The Final Words

Heroic FAQ is a favourite amongst its users because of its ease of use and intuitive interface. The single page FAQ editing and drag and drop feature to make it easier lets us create your own FAQ page and even insert it within your content. The best part is that you need no coding experience whatsoever. Once your FAQs are up on your website, you can dedicate the time saved in answering repetitive questions to improving the overall experience for your customers and making them happy. If you are having trouble, help is just a call / email away. A free year of updates and promise of one-on-one support makes Heroic FAQs plugin a real hero amongst plugins. Give it a try today!