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So you are an artist and showcase your work on your blog and social media platforms? People have liked your work and ask you for a copy. You approach a printing service but they refuse to print a copy for you unless you book a bulk order with them. We know bulk orders are expensive affairs and even if you have the cash to invest, you might be left with thousands of copies of a single piece of art, which others may or may not buy. But, don’t get disheartened, there is a solution to this problem and it’s not just somebody who will print a single copy for you. Peecho is a free tool for all creative minds that offers to handle not only your printing needs but your shipping duties too.

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Founded in Amsterdam, Peecho is a friendly tool that lets your visitors print individual pieces of art or whole galleries at will all with the help of a small print button. To do so, a publisher simply needs to create a free account with Peecho and upload their work for printing. Your work can be printed either as a book, magazine, poster, canvas, foam board or gallery print, depending on the type of content you offer. To help you get a feeling of what the final product looks like, you will get a free sample of your own book or magazine when you sign up. So now you know that your potential customers are receiving your work in quality prints.

How It Works?

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Before you start worrying about how your work is being distributed and to whom, let us tell you that Peecho does not sell you work to others. It only works as a printing and shipping service. Prints can be ordered only from your site or using links that you will share. After you sign up on the site and upload your content, Peecho creates a unique code for your account that you can implement in your site. Alongside, a print link is also created that you can share on social media or via emails and can be used to order prints.

It is likely that your site has visitors from around the globe and therefore, your print orders might also come in from all over the world. But Peecho can handle that for you as well. Next to multiple language support, Peecho’s checkout works with multiple currencies, worldwide shipping and even customer support. Just in case you forgot, they are handling your printing too!

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All you need to do is upload your content and set a selling price for your products. Peecho has a global network of the best printing facilities that not only allow prints to be delivered quickly but also in high quality. When an order is complete, shipping and printing charges are deducted and the profits are retained in your account. Once the account balance reaches 100 Euros, you can withdraw the balance to your personal account in your home country. Peecho charges you nothing for signing up or maintaining your account, so all the profits are for you to keep.

WordPress Plugin And The Final Words

Users of WordPress publishing platform would be delighted to know that Peecho has recently released their second version of their WordPress plugin that makes it even simpler for people that own a WordPress website to install the print button on their website and sell their work. There is a detailed guide for installing this plugin here. Even if you are using an alternate publishing platform, Peecho still works like a charm and offers the same simplicity and ease of implementing the print button in your site.

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Signing up for Peecho is easy and does not even take a minute. Once you have signed up, there is free copy of your own book or magazine waiting for you. So, upload your best work and wait for a copy to reach you. In the meantime, think of how your work can reach the corners of the world, all thanks to Peecho. So, stop worrying about how to monetize your work, look for inspiration and creativity instead. That’s what makes your work unique!