Stories are usually the source of inspiration for many different commercial mediums – TV, news articles, and games to name a few.

And speaking of games, there are many online slots that you can play now are inspired through mythology, and for good reason. Many mythological stories are based on and around themes which are truly magical, and with that you can really run with it and take on multiple imaginative themes and develop those into something truly individual.

Which is a trend we have seen that has completely taken over the gaming industry, to name one. And that is no bad thing, the more imaginative the game, usually the better the game. Mythology is probably one of the best things to based a game around for this reason, and there are endless options to choose from which makes it even easier to do so.

Celtic Goddess

Celtic Goddess Slot is based on the theme of Irish mythology. This online slot game was launched in September 2018 and has been a smash ever since.

Set across five reels with three rows and 30 active pay lines, this online casino slot has a great theme to it with a serene feel.

The backdrop of the game is set against stone borders with the wonderful goddess standing to the left with a glowing lamp.

Another great feature about Celtic Goddess is that it can be played across any device through your web browser and no matter what operating platform your smartphone uses.

The music here plays to the tune of an Irish soundtrack which can immerse you in the gameplay of this irish themed online slot game nicely.

Avalon slots

Avalon slots is a fun game that has been developed set in the medieval times, and although slot machines didn’t exist then – as far as we know anyway, the feel of this period has been captured fantastically, as you’ll see when you’re immersed in this world through gaming with Avalon slot.

The game is themed around the legend of King Arthur, a legendary British ruler who is famed within pop culture as having led defences in Britain against the Saxon invaders, in the fifth and sixth centuries.

Lucky leprechaun slot

With the Lucky leprechaun slot game this is one interesting online slot machine that you won’t want to miss out on, based on the story around the leprechaun who is said to live at the end of a rainbow and reward those who find him with a pot of gold.

This fun and playful game is aptly titled Lucky leprechaun, and this fun and entertaining slot game features impressive graphics and immersive music to take you on a wild ride and whimsical adventure. You can  get wild symbols, and scatters too that don’t need to be inside the combo needed to win. You can also play this game free, and it’s available to download on iOS and android, so you can even game on the go too, handy for those who like to do so.