It is quite a time when asking for support; the developers might require some additional PHP information. The information includes like system information, build date, configure command, server API, virtual directory support, configuration file, and loaded configuration file among others.

Well to get all these information, you need not to dig deeper BUT with the use of the plugin name phpinfo(), you will get all these information with an ease. The information will be displayed under your dashboard’s Tools >> phpinfo().

Plugin To Use: WordPress phpinfo()

WordPress PHPInfo()

Key Features:

  • It’s important for a non technical administrator to be able to diagnose server related problems in WordPress.
  • But also rapidly retrieve feedback regarding their web server.
  • The plugin adds an option to an administrator’s Tools menu which displays standard phpinfo() feedback details to the user.
  • It is a very simple script, designed to help the non technical user get immediate feedback about their blog.

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