You created an awesome blog, but what it still lacks is its ability to manage advertisements. Advertisements or sponsorships are the perfect way to monetize your blog. While there are numbers of plugins available for the same but question is what and in which way you can manage ads with one of the best available plugin AdRotate Plugin in WordPress. In this tutorial, I am going to talk about the same.

AdRotate is one of the simplest plugin to use. Despite it brings a huge larger chunk of ability with it, but thanks to the way it gets developed, it is the priority advertisement plugin which anyone wants to have on board. Assuming that you had download, installed and activated the plugin, I am beginning the process.


AdRotate Plugin Key Features

  • Super easy management of ads and groups of ads
  • Automated Javascript cycles of ads with Dynamic Groups
  • Have your advertisers add/edit/manage their own ads
  • Geo location for adverts
  • Works with Google Ads and most other referrer/ad servers
  • Get email notifications when your ads need you
  • Perfectly suited for any size of advertisement, including 125×125, 468×60, 729×90, 160×600 and much more
  • Simple to use stats so you can follow which ad is working the best, worst
  • Daily and monthly stats
  • Couple ads to users so that user can follow his personalized stats
  • Advertisers can easily contact you from their dashboard
  • Track how many times a banner is clicked and show it’s Cick-Through-Ratio
  • Put random, or selected, banners in pages or posts
  • Preview banners on edit
  • Advanced time schedules and restrictions
  • CSV Exports of statistics
  • Multiple groups per banner location
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Adblocks (blocks of banners)

Installation and Configuration

  1. Download AdRotate (pro or Free).
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins page.
  3. On the Plugins page click “Add New” and select “Upload”.
  4. Upload the file and wait for WordPress to tell you it’s finished. This may take a few seconds.
  5. Once done, click “Activate Plugin”.
  6. When activated, AdRotate (Pro) will install the nessesary tables to your database and set up the menus.
  7. Pro: Navigate to “AdRotate” > “Settings” and activate your license to receive premium support and update notifications.

Creating And Organizing Advertisements

  1. On activation, you will notice a tab name “AdRotate” on your dashboard.
  2. To start with click on “Manage Ads” option under the plugin tab and then at top click “Add New.”
  3. Here you will be asked to fill in information regarding the advertisement which you want to add in.
  4. Add a title, your ad code and fill in the display options.
  5. Once you have, say three advertisements in place, it will be better to organize them into “groups” so that you can begin with displaying rotating ads.
  6. To make this happen, select the “Manage Groups” option from the dashboard tab and click “Add New” at the top.
  7. With doing this, now all advertisements in this group will be rotated in one single spot.

Summary & Review

AdRotate Plugin without a doubt is the best available advertisement plugin. Choosing this one as your ad solution plugin is the right choice for both beginners’ blog as well as advance huge level blogs. I highly recommend using the plugin.


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