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In this time and age of superior internet connectivity which enables employees to work from home, it is extremely difficult for team leaders to keep tab on project assignments and team mates in check. While cloud computing might have reduced our burden of downloading and saving multiple drafts of project reports, project managers have far greater worries than staying up to date on their team’s progress.


Comindware is an innovative way for businesses to not only keep a tab on various projects but also empower their employees by providing them the right tools for greater participation and productivity at work. Comindware is not just about keep tabs on projects but also ensures timely and effective communication to all team members. Marketing projects are extremely dynamic and going through heaps of emails to get feedback from your various teams is extremely cumbersome. That is why, Comindware offers discussion rooms where all teams can work together and pool in their thoughts to come up with effective strategies.

‘Well begun is half done’ is something we all believe in. Yet, manually scheduling tasks for new projects consumes so much time that finishing work within deadlines needs extra man hours to be put in. Thanks to Comindware, managers can now auto schedule tasks and even efficiently allocate scare resources to ensure that projects begin in time and also end in time. Comindware can also help larger companies locate ideal candidates and build new teams with the best combination to work on new projects. Real-time Gantt charts give you accurate progress of tasks so that you can identify problem areas and focus your attention to issues immediately as they arise.

Comindware Project Pricing


Comindware is available as a cloud service as well as an on-premise software. Cloud services can be availed for a fee $29.99 per month per user for a company with up to 9 users or for a flat fee of $299.99 per user per year. For On-premises software there is a one-time fee of $450 per user. In addition to offering discounts for larger user bases, the developers also aid in setting up Comindware at your organisation and training concerned personnel. You can simply sign up for a free trial to gauge how well Comindware could help your organisation, before recommending it to your peers.

Summary & Review

Comindware is an extremely innovative tool for modern day project managers. Not only does it help managers collaborate well with their teams, it also provides businesses to collaborate across tasks, projects and processes. But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for the free trial and get convinced yourself.


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