How often has it been that you have come across a neat and responsive website and wished that your clients’ websites looked like it too!  For web designers and developers, getting a website up and ready is a tedious task.  There are so many factors such as your client’s vision, his target audience, his budget for the project etc. that determine how the final product of your hard work looks. But what if we told you that getting a great looking website was as easy as making a cup of soup? Well, guys at Designmodo have made this possible.

Designmodo is a popular name in the web designing industry for the well-crafted designs and extremely attractive website components that they make. Based in New York, the company is the go-to store for web designers and developers for innovative ideas and some of the greatest user interface packs that you might have come across. Startup Design Framework is Designmodo’s latest offering that is aimed for helping start-ups come with unique as well as good looking websites easily. The Framework can be used by designers, developers or businesses themselves to come up with a neat website that can not only be set up quickly but also looks attractive and proudly displays it content. Since most developers prefer using WordPress for content, Designmodo also offers a special suite of Startup Framework for WordPress.


The Framework for WordPress is not just some new theme designed by Designmodo. It combines the goodness of WordPress with some great front end tools to deliver a splendid looking website for you. Unlike an ordinary theme, you are not required to remain bound to the rigid design that it comes with, rather you can customize it to your heart’s desire. What is even better is that the Framework makes the designing part also extremely easy by incorporating simple visual editing and an easy to use drag and drop editor. So, you can try out multiple combinations at the pace of snapping fingers and finally settle down on the one you like most.

Startup Framework consists of a multiple components that you can mix and match to make your final product. The design always follows grid system rules so any components you would like to put together is bound to look nice on your site. The most interesting part is that Designmodo has taken care of all the coding bits so that you can concentrate on the looks and features of the product. No more spending late nights to iron out tiny glitches in the code that make the website behave erratically. You can rest assured that the product you have delivered to your client will always work to perfection.

As your clients warm up to the idea of better looking and more responsive websites, you can use the block model as a starting point to add and remove components to match the idea you have laid out. The block model suggests the best places on the site to place components and you can vary them to suit the requirements of your clients. The Framework for WordPress contains 100 of blocks to get you started and offers you the option of creating thousands of designs using the same set of components. So, you could actually use the same components and still come up with very different looking sites for various clients.


Startup Framework for WordPress is available for purchase on a licence basis. A single licence works for 1 website, comes with a year’s email support and updates and costs $149.  You can also buy licences for 3 websites or 5 websites, depending on your requirement and would cost $249 and $349 respectively. All packages come with free upgrades for up to one year and tech support over email. While you can save money by buying more licences up front, if you would like to give this a try Designmodo also offers a demo, where you can fully test the Framework for yourself. Simply click on the link and enter your email address to receive a personalized URL for the demo website.

Startup Design Framework is the quickest and simplest way to make a great looking website and we recommend that you give it a try!