How to play online slots? What are the things to know before playing? Although you have read much information on casino games, you still have some doubts. This is perfectly normal – play now at Barbados Bingo.

Practice makes perfect. This assumption also works with casino games. Anyway, there are some things to know before playing. Getting to know this information will make your playing experience much better. This article aims at becoming your step by step guide on how to play online slots.

Types of slots

First thing first, you should have a clear idea of the types of slots available in the market. Classic slots are generally formed by only 3 reels and from 1 to 3 pay lines. By containing a few icons, they are very easy to understand and play. Then, there are the more articulated 5-reels, 7-reels or 9-reels. With many more winning lines, they need some more time to be understood, but in turn, they are very rewarding.

You can also find multi-players, featured or mega-spins. Among this variety, expert players prefer the very rewarding progressive machines. Familiarise with each of these slots characteristics before playing.

The RTP and volatility

Each slot machine has an RTP%. The Return to player percentage is the expected payout in comparison to the incomes. The higher this factor is, the better.

The volatility is the frequency by which winnings are expected to come. This can be high, medium or low. The term volatility or variance is thus related to the risk of losing. A machine with high volatility is expected to give players bigger rewards but less often. Low volatility machines instead, pay players with smaller but more frequent prizes. It comes by itself that to enhance your chances of winning (and lose less) if you have strict budget limits, you should prefer slots with high RTP and low volatility. If you are not limited by the budget, you can choose high volatility slots like progressive machines.

How to bet

The so-called feature slots are the machines where you can find many extra features like exciting bonus stages. Of course, to access these stages, you need to play the maximum bet available in the game. By choosing to bet maximum, many extra features get unlocked, then, the final awards are far bigger. When you instead decide to play the minimum bet, you don’t have access to extra bonuses but for sure, you can play longer. Up to you to decide.

Slot bonus features

The slot icons are individual to each of them. Often themed, these symbols can be people coming from history or popular characters from TV- series or cartoons. Along with normal icons, you’ll find bonus symbols like Wilds and Scatters. The Wild is the game jolly. It can substitute any other symbol helping you to form a winning combination. The Scatter is a bonus symbol that helps you enter the bonus stages. In general, you need to get three Scatters to enter the bonus round. The more you hit, the higher the number of free rounds you can get.