The internet is full of opportunities, and given the right product or service, you can get a customer base that is spread all over the globe making you a success story. But like any other product, you have to be able to reach your right audience. Without the right kind of buyer, without finding your niche, your product, no matter how good, will never make it big.

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Don’t worry, our aim is not to dishearten you, we are here with a solution that will not only help you get the right people to pitch your product to, which is handy if you are just launching your company, but is great if you are in it for a while and looking to expand your horizon and take your business one step further. We are talking about Email marketing. Now we know email marketing has had a bad rep over the years, but if you get the right kind of people to manage your email marketing it can work wonders for your business.

So we have lined up for you two of the best names in the business, GetResponse and Constant Contact, and we will run you through the pros and cons of each of these companies. To start off with, both companies are well established names in the market, they are effective and trustworthy, delivering results and an effective tool to drive your business. Keeping that in mind, there are a few pros and cons of both the companies, which can help you further narrow down your search for the perfect marketing partner.

What’s On Offer?

The first thing that comes to mind, when you are going to take a marketing team on is the financial investment it is going to cost. Here is where there is a contrast between both the companies. While with GetResponse you get a monthly price of $45 ($36. 90) you can get up to 5000 subscriptions, with Constant Contact you get only up to 500 subscriptions for a price of $60 and upwards. This may be steep, Constant Contact does offer a full refund of the money but it offers a 60 day free trial period, in comparison to a 30 day free trial period offered by GetResponse.


While the financial benefits may appeal to some, when it comes to functionality it does take a different turn. While Constant Contact is sleek and efficient, their website is notoriously slow, often leading to a blank page, frustrating many customers. On the other hand GetResponse, like their name is responsive, with user friendly layout with easy manageable option. While many believe that Constant Contact may look and feel classy, many a times seem nothing more than an extension of Word Press, which is functional but in the end does not manage to attract and engage the audience.

Technically, GetResponse seems to have an upper hand as well, with the latest in mobile responsive technology. The company also has a landing page creator, with the ability to create multiple landing pages for businesses. GetResponse also allows you to import contacts directly into the campaign as well as insert them into an auto response sequence, which is great for your business. On the other hand, Constant Contact allows you to easily store contacts almost like the phonebook on your mobile which is simple, easy and accessible.



When comparing GetResponse and Constant Contact one major factor that sets the two services apart are the host of features that are available with GetResponse. Just take the Landing page Creator for instance. If you are mailing a large bunch of your subscribers to come and check your site, you definitely want them to come to something new and interesting. GetResponse lets you do this is 10 minutes or even less and you do not even need any IT skills.

With the A/B testing feature, you can run smaller campaigns first to gauge how your small set of subscribers are responding and then use the results to choose the best time and email outlay to get maximum response to your call. It is not everyday that you run a promotion for your followers, so when you do, GetResponse lets you put the best foot forward.

GetResponse scores ahead in terms of technology that lies at the core of its system. From being able to create emails to tracking their effectiveness and even automatically responding to incoming emails, the platform smart technology handles your workload smartly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on engaging with your customers and growing your business.



Like we said earlier, GetResponse’s greatest advantage is its pricing plan (starts with as low as $15 for 1,000 subscribers) that welcomes all businesses, whether big or small and provides them the right tools to grow. Even the largest of organisations can gain from the custom quotes that GetResponse has to offer and take their business to the next level. Plus, there is always the discount on offer for those who choose to get billed annually, thereby saving you money as you get started. To sum it up in a sentence, GetResponse is clearly the market leader when it comes to email marketing and we love it!