If you have a blog which is said to be private in nature and you are the only one who needs to log into the WordPress admin all the time, then it will be the best to keep the security tight. You can do this by either of limiting login attempts in WordPress or by protecting your admin folder by limiting access in .htaccess, but with this article, taking the whole of thing a step further, we are going to tell you that how you can limit WP-login.php file access by IP.

Steps To Follow

  • Open your main .htaccess file and put the following code towards the top of the file.
  • Make sure you do replace the IP addresses with the one you want to (mainly of your own).
  • Also if you are a beginner in WordPress, then it is strongly advisable to have someone with you who do have a good knowledge of WordPress.

Where xx.xxx.xx.xx – IP address

Photo Credit: Flickr/Sean MacEntee