Being working in the capacity of editor requires huge brainstorming working sessions which will not be limited only on maintaining the content but also the different user roles. Having a large number of author base means possibly a large number of media uploads. Different authors mean one can see different media uploads by different authors and contributors. Well context to same, in this article, I will share with all of you on how one can organize media uploads by users in WordPress.

Steps To Follow

  1. Install and activate the plugin name WP Users Media plugin.
  2. Once activated, you have to create two new user accounts, each having the role set as Author.
  3. Once the role being set, you have to login to WordPress and upload some media (images) in both of the two accounts.
  4. Remember your users will only be able to see and select those images which they uploaded themselves in the Media library.

Plugin To Use: WP Users Media

WP Users Media is a WordPress plugin that displays only the current users media files and attachments in WP Admin.

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