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WordPress Security Plugin by ThreatPress

If you are having trouble keeping your WordPress website safe, then there is the WordPress Security Plugin by ThreatPress for you. This plugin is light weight, but at the same time it is one of the Read More

Best WordPress Security Plugins


Security plays an important role for one’s site. Whether you are running a whole new website or you are running a decade old website, it needs to be secure at first. Well here in this article, Read More

Best Of WordPress Security Plugins


Unless and until your website is secured enough, it will be in high risk either to get hacked or tackled or even something more. While one definitely considers putting up security measures to protect Read More

Best WordPress Security Plugins


While working over the website, security is must although one can consider choosing one-to-many plugins available for the purpose but the question is what THE BEST plugins are. Well here in this Read More

Best WordPress Security Plugins


Securing the website is one such important task which every website owner thinks at first stage itself. There are number of things in- and around- which will leads towards creating a mess for the Read More

Reviewed – Better WP Security Plugin


You completed building your WordPress blog, but still feels that something got missing – what is it? It’s the questions which coming up in your mind. Questions like “Is my WordPress blog secured?” Read More

Reviewed – Automattic’s VaultPress Backup, Security And Support Service


Running a huge big blog or a website always brings security risk from time-to-time. Whether it would be by mistake or done by some intentions, losing the whole of your blog or its content or databases Read More

Hardening WordPress Security: Monitoring


After discussing two of the main realm of WordPress security – Understanding Vulnerabilities and Securing – today we are moving towards the final process of understanding how we can monitor Read More

Hardening WordPress Security: Securing


Earlier I discussed about the various vulnerabilities which can harm your WordPress installations, including in the Computer, in the WordPress, in the Web Server or even in the Network. The idea Read More

Hardening WordPress Security: Understanding Vulnerabilities

Security Cameras

We did earlier talked about on how to secure WordPress in different ways, but now taking the things to a step further. It’s best to understand different vulnerabilities which can affect your Read More

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