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Adding Social Media Icons In Your WordPress Sidebar

With social media makes huge place in our daily lives, there is no doubt that displaying such social media buttons on your site also results in encouraging users to follow you more on different social media networks, resulting in increase in influence on them. The question lies beneath that which particular and fastest way that adding which plugin will leads towards adding social media buttons in your WordPress site sidebar.

Social Media Icons

Although there are number of plugins available out there which you can use, but as pointing on to do the job quickly and efficiently, I will recommend of using of any of plugin from the following: Simple Social Icons, Social Media Widget and Acurax Social Media Widget. With this article will be discussing the use of each of these plugins.

Simple Social Icons

The plugin is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons which link visitors to your various different social media profiles. The plugin will let you easily choose which profiles you can link with or customize color and size with as well as aligning them to either of left, center or right from the widget form.

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Social Media Widget

The Social Media Widget is a simple sidebar widget which allows users to input their social media website profile URLs and other subscription options. The plugin will then display an icon on the sidebar to that social media site and more that open up in a separate browser window.

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Acurax Social Media Widget

The plugin allow you to add widget to your site sidebar linking social media icons to your social media profiles.

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Best WordPress Plugins For Sidebar


Having a ravished WordPress but sidebar still not making up to bar with missing ingredients over it does not make a right fit, isn’t? Well, you do often tried to find out not one, not two but plenty of options out there which you think makes a right combination to have it on your website sidebar, but still with having hundreds, actually thousands of options available, it nothing but makes you confused on deciding to which one to go with. There are social media widgets for sidebar, posts widgets, gallery widgets and lots more, but nothing but at the end, makes you think among the choices available which finally you can choose upon. With this article, I showcased all those best WordPress plugins for sidebar which I think will help you out to ease your confusion.

PHP Text Widget

The plugin modifies the standard Text Widget of your WordPress website letting it able to execute PHP code. The normal behaviour of the text widget will remain preserved so that on activation it will not end up in any kind of mess for you.

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Associated Posts

The plugin enables you to associate posts and pages with each other and allows you to display posts on any pages you like. All you have to do is to easily select posts in the “Edit Page” Mode and attach them to this page.

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Video Sidebar Widgets

Video Sidebar Widgets lets you display videos such as Vimeo, YouTube, MySpace Videos etc. The plugin consist of two widgets and one TinyMCE editor button.

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Latest Tweets

The plugin allows you to connect your Twitter account to it and the widget will display your latest tweets on your site.

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Posts in Sidebar

The plugin creates a new widget for your sidebar, which lets you display a list of post using author, category, tag, post format, custom post type along with other options available. Moreover, the plugin gives you an extra freedom to display the featured image, the tags and also a link to the archive page.

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Encyclopedia / Lexicon / Glossary / Wiki / Dictionary / Knowledge base

The plugin enables you to create, manage and present a knowledge base. It comes completely coalesced with your WordPress and fully compatible with all the other publishing tools you like.

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The Feedweb Plugin is a simple and easy way to promote and improve your blog. Once activated, the plugin allows you freely insert a customized widget into your selected posts. You can choose questions you want to ask your readers and get comprehensive and precise feedback about your blog.

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The Welcomizer

This Ajax powered plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog using jQuery effects.

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Tabbed Login Widget

The plugin allows you to have a login form in the sidebars of your WordPress powered blog.

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One of my favorite social media plugin although I never get a chance to use in any of my blogs yet but I highly recommend this to everyone. Flare is a simple yet eye-catching social sharing bar that gets you both followed and connect to get shared your content via posts, pages, and media types.

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WordPress Custom Sidebar

The plugin lets you edit sidebar content including posts in the admin area and assigning them from a dropdown menu to any post or page.

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StatComm Multisite Edition

The plugin provides real-time stats on your blog – either single or multisite – collecting information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, operating systems and more.

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Make Your Site Social

The plugin allows you to make you site social by integrating online businesses with the most popular social networks and implementing powerful social plugins into a single, comprehensive solution.

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Standard Widget Extensions

The plugin is known for adding some nice features to your standard widgets. It’s effective for themes which use widgets in a standard manner.

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Easy Random Posts

The plugin allows you to quickly add a collection of random posts to any theme element.

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Juiz Last Tweet Widget

The plugin adds a widget to your sidebar to show your latest tweet(s) with style and without JavaScript.

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Fancy Gallery

The plugin manage and handle image galleries easily in your WordPress backend and present images to your website visitors. It associates linked images and galleries with the jQuery Fancybox.

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Easy Popular Posts

The plugin is an easy to use WordPress function which allows you to add popular posts to any WordPress theme.

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