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WordPress usage is growing every day. More and more website owners are regularly relying on WordPress for all their website needs. With the continuous use of WordPress websites by webmasters, backup remains a key aspect of the entire web administration routine.

There is always that genuine fear of data loss especially when you don’t have the right tools in place to secure data.

When your site is exposed to third-party access or data loss, it can hinder business growth and success. Not only will you experience data loss, but you will also need to restart your business, and this will most likely lead to more costly energy expenditure.

When you ask business owners why they don’t back up their site, they often say the process is tiring, and often cumbersome.

However, in this review guide, we would take a look at a solution that makes WordPress site backup and management easy.

Why Use Snapshot Backup A WordPress Site?

A WP website that has a backup system, has the assurance of resisting attacks and ensuring business continuity and success. Below are some of the pros of using snapshot pro to backup your WP site

Instant recovery

In a case where your cPanel is exposed to attacks or you have suspicious files placed in your server, you must have a means of recovering any lost assets. The instant recovery option provided by Snapshot Pro makes it an additional advantage. It helps you to ensure your site and safeguard against data loss.

Website is safe and secure

In a situation where there a server loses important data, a backup will play a key role in business continuity. Snapshot Pro is more than just an ordinary backup plugin. It gives a backup solution that enables site owners to integrate and adapt to new software solutions.

High reliability of your business

Webmasters that practice continuous backup routines with Snapshot Pro, often enjoy a positive business reputation. A business with reliable backup solutions like Snapshot Pro will enjoy zero impact on business performance.

Generally, webmasters and admins require useful backup solutions thus building a disaster resilience platform for WP sites.

Snapshot Pro is a backup plugin with high-end features that deliver value to businesses. Let’s check out some of the features of Snapshot Pro.

Snapshot Pro Features

Manual And Automatic Backups

The plugin gives users the option of performing automatic and manual backups. Take, for example, users can place a particular storage limit for a certain number of backups. With this type of schedule structure, users can obtain a recent copy of their website without fear of losing data.

Sufficient Storage Space

The plugin provides 50 GB of cloud storage. Users can save lots of data about their website without fear of losing any files.

In addition, users can see the information of when they carried out the last backup, and how to access that backup.

There is the option of upgrading the storage size to 1 TB or downgrade

Flexible Destinations

Users can make use of Snapshot Pro cloud storage space or their options. The plugin gives users the choice to store on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

The Amazon S3 option is particularly great for large businesses, as they can export large data thus freeing up more storage space.

Chance To Exclude Specific Files                                                          

You can exclude certain files from the backup process. This is particularly useful for large-sized files and operations. This is a feature that very few backup plugins boast of.

More Snapshot Pro Features

Snapshot Pro Contains even more features that make the user experience even more enjoyable. Take, for example, there is the option of using other plugins with Snapshot Pro. Such integration creates a thriving user experience.

Let’s check out some of the extra features of snapshot pro:

Server-Side Encryption

Snapshot pro does a great job of backing up WordPress sites, but it also protects and secures the data using a server-side encryption strategy. What this means is that when you backup data, it is automatically encrypted and decrypted when the user accesses the backup content.

Backup Stored For 50 Days (Up To 30 Files)

One of the merits of using snapshot pro is that all backups are stored in the specified destination for 50 days. Users have the entirety of that time to store, alter or discard the stored data.

Incremental Backups

For each backup you do, only new data is added to the previous backup files. This action will allow you to enjoy sizeable storage space. The process is fully automated, and you can identify new information on the website.


Snapshot Pro is an excellent backup plugin that is ideal for various WordPress sites. The plugin is flexible and offers top-quality features to users. Whether you use it for a single site or several sites, you can expect exceptional service. To create a safe environment for your business, use Snapshot Pro. This exceptional tool from WPMU Dev is helpful for businesses and it enables them to secure files.