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10 Useful Tips for Novice Web Developers in 2020

What is life like for a web developer? Is it a life of opulence? Can they always work on their own terms? Does it entail going to the office daily or working from home?

These are questions almost everyone Read More

4 Imprint Methods Every Web Professional Needs To Know

Today’s web professionals spend more and more time on projects that once belonged to print designers. This means you need to brush up on printing knowledge if you want to stay competitive.

The first thing to learn: imprint methods. Commercial printers offer an array of options and capabilities you won’t find on a standard office printer. So without further ado, here’s a rundown of the 4 most popular imprint methods and when to use them:

Four color process

Also known as CMYK, this method mixes four inks to create a range of colors. It’s great for projects involving photography or complex patterns. However, CMYK colors vary between printers, and they don’t come in metallic or neon options.

PMS printing

PMS printing uses premixed inks that are the same color no matter which printer you go to—meaning you can match brand colors or choose neon and metallic options. This method is most cost-effective for designs with 1-3 colors.

Foil stamping

This option uses heat and pressure to apply a thin layer foil to your design. It comes in metallic and non-metallic options and works on any stock, making it one of the most versatile methods. However, highly detailed designs tend to result in cracked foil.


These imprint methods are applied the same way, with opposite results. Embossing raises the design, debossing recesses it. They pair well with other imprint methods and give the design a unique texture.


While cross-training is important, it’s difficult to learn all about imprint methods overnight. The best thing to do is to hire a printing company like Company Folders, the creator of these tips, to help you navigate the finer points of the print process.

Web Hosting & What You Need To Know

To find the right hosting provider you need to do a proper research and know what you want. In this article, we are going to share our tips to make the best decision for your website.

Shared Web Hosting

You use a public hosting that is shared with up to a hundred websites. It’s suitable for small businesses and blogs as it is inexpensive, easy-to-use and install. However, your site can be slowed down significantly, and you can’t make any changes on the server.

Private Virtual Hosting

You will have a dedicated share of a public server, which means that you will have full root access, it’s economic and you can scale it up or down. However, you might have to maintain the server, and you cannot upgrade your RAM or CPU.

Dedicated Hosting

Your server is not shared with anyone, and it is managed by the hosting provider. Moreover, you can configure it in many ways, and you can easily find a problem if one exists. The biggest disadvantage is that it requires technical knowledge and the rental cost is high.

Choosing a wrong web hosting provider

Decreased Revenue & Poor Reputation – If your website has downtime, then your clients won’t be able to use it. When your site is constantly down, they might stop using it at all. Amazon’s website was down for forty minutes and it costed them more than $5 million.

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5 Resources For Improving Your Web Development Skills


Web development and design is a fast paced industry, and it’s no secret that for web developers looking to stay at the top of their game, it’s important to keep up to date and exhaust all the different resources available to keep their skills current and useful in a competitive marketplace. When it comes to web design and development, trends are constantly changing, meaning that it’s simply not enough to finish a course and think that you know everything that there is to know. This is certainly a career choice in which you never stop learning. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available online for you to use.

Comm Support Networks

Comm Support Networks offer a range of courses to help you keep your web development skills up to date. The courses which they offer are available online and can be taken at your own pace, making them a great option for those wishing to fit any extra study around a full time job or freelance career. They offer courses on network engineering and courses focusing on web security, giving you all of the resources which you need to become a network engineer. Some courses are instructor led whilst others are self-paced, giving you the option to choose based on your learning style.


Codeacademy is a great resource for anyone wishing to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more, or brush up on and keep their coding skills up to date. For web developers, being fluent in these coding languages is a must. Whether you are new to web development or have experience, this resource is not one to underestimate.


This resource offers hundreds of free video tutorials and online guides on a number of different web development topics, covering everything from web design elements to coding skills and mobile web design. The site offers a wealth of free resources making it an excellent choice for freelancers or those just starting out, however Premium membership is also available if you are willing to pay a small monthly fee.


This tutorial site offers a wealth of information and resources which will help you to keep your web development and design skills up to date. For a small monthly fee, you will be able to access a number of different courses on a variety of topics, with the option for following tutorials on web design basics, Ruby on rails, front-end web development, Android and IOS app development and more.


If you are looking for courses which offer mentorship and support, this online resource is an excellent option. If you’re needing a little more support than is offered with a free online course, this site offers mentored courses on a variety of web development topics to ensure that you are kept up to date and learn the best skills to do your job.

Which online resources do you use to keep your web design and development skills sharp and stay at the top of your game? Let us know in the comments.

Website Design Textures For Your Inspiration

Addition of textures in web designs will always results in taking its presence to whole new level. While one can find one-to-many examples for inspiration, here with this article, we have rounded up website design textures for your inspiration. Hope the list inspires you.

The Kettle

The Kettle


Green Mustache

Green Mustache











The Farmer & Chef

The Farmer & The Chef


Old Town Spice

Old Town Spice


Meet Ptengine, A Better Way To Improve Your Online Business


Getting you an online presence is quite easy these days. Either you can take the help of a professional and get yourself a nice good looking website or you can spend some time and use website maker tools and set up a website or blog with your own hands and to your own imagination. Your web hosting platform will also give you a lot of information on how many people are visiting your site and where are they coming from, what operating system are they using. But all this won’t lead you anywhere if you are looking to make some money from your site or sell a few products of your own. For that, you need to know where your visitors are looking and where are they likely to click. If you are looking for free tool to bring you all this information, there is Ptengine.

An important tool when gathering information about your website’s visitors is the heat map. This is an excellent tool to tell you what your website users are spending time on and where they are clicking the most. Depending on this you may want to change the location of your advert boxes, Subscription forms, Facebook Like Button or Check out buttons, whatever is your priority. In addition to knowing where your site visitors are clicking, Ptengine also tells you where your visitors’ attention is thanks to its Attention Heatmap. This tool can help you redesign your sites webpages or landing pages or even the shopping cart, so that people do not leave your site in the midst of a purchasing decision.

While traffic analysis is a regular feature of analytic software and they even tell you your popular posts or items in your store, Ptengine takes the pains to analyse your pages as well. This comprehensive analysis can tell you exactly which images or videos are grabbing attention and which menus are accessed the most while also pointing towards elements on your website that might be pushing people away. If there are many things to offer, it is usual for websites to use a scrolling menu. But such menus also mean that you as the website’s administrator do not know if your visitors are actually accessing this option. Ptengine address this issue as well and can provide a complete insight of your scroll menu like how many visitors are scrolling through, how many clicks are made in the region and help you decide if such a menu is helping your cause or not.

The Ptengine automatically includes major events such as file download request or links that are taking your visitors to other sites permanently so that you do not have to include such events in your weekly reports. You can also use the data from the analysis to set up conversion funnels so that you can predict user behaviour on your site. So, lead people from leaving your page to staying on your page to adding items to cart and from just adding items to cart to actually purchasing them. Ptengine also helps you quantify how your site is doing by keeping track of conversion rates over a period of time and also lets you Tag your conversions so that you compare them and manage them easily.

All of Ptengine’s analysis is also available in real time so that you can monitor the progress and make quick adjustments, where necessary. Analysis includes geographical locations of your visitors and associated behaviour such as pages referring in, the operating systems or platforms used to access your site etc. The tool is capable of not only handling data from different devices but also lets you handle multiple domains using the same profile. So, you could be selling women’s apparel one website and pet food on the other but all you need is a single Ptengine account to monitor them both.


Ptengine is actually free to use as long as you want and hardly takes a minute to setup and get started. In case, you are a large enterprise and require much more focused data, there is a premium plan for $19 a month. But whatever might be the case; Ptengine can be used to improve online business and requires absolutely no professional analytic skills. Setting up a website might be difficult, but analysing the data is a really easy job, if you use Ptengine.

Reviewed: Clicky Web Analytics Service

Reviewed – WPEngine Secure Managed WordPress Web Hosting Service


While working on the web, having and running numerous websites, and experienced shared hosting, VPS and even dedicated hosting in times, you might be wondering on or thinking on to switch to such a hosting service where all the things will get securely managed itself by the hosting team. It is quite a decent thought that a web person might think of in time, even the same case comes in front of us either. So, today with this review, I thought on exploring this option with the hosting service name WPEngine and see and find that how much it will make sense to me or you, if we think of to switch to it in near future.

WPEngine Image - 1

Founded in 2010, WPEngine is a new web host service which only focused on managed WordPress hosting and provides its customers the fast, scale and secure hosting service. While it might considered as an expensive hosting service at first as its starting price is $29 per month, but if one think in broader way, you are getting a service where everything is managed completely with the team in backend from hosting side itself, then paying the amount is also not a bigger deal. At least with having such a service on board to give fuel to your websites with zero havoc and tension to you, it is a fairer deal to opt for.

Features & Pricing


  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Stage & Deploy with Git
  • Managed Upgrades
  • Daily Backups
  • One-Click Restore-Points
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • No Caching Plugins!
  • International Data Centers
  • Top-Shelf Hardware
  • Firewall
  • Malware Scanning
  • “Surprising” Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Lock-In


You can start with trying the service for free for first 60 days, experiencing and testing and seeing yourself that if this is the right hosting service for you or not. And, once you are satisfied you can opt for anyone of the plans, the company is offering. The plans starts from $29 per month, which includes 1 WordPress Install, 25,000 visits / mo., Unlimited Data Transfer and 10 GB Local Storage while the premium comes on count for more, which goes completely the customized way as per your requirement and in which you will get Unlimited WP Installs and Millions visits / mo.

WPEngine Image - 2

  • Personal – $29 a month – 1 WordPress install, 25,000 visits a month, unlimited data transfer, 10 GB local storage
  • Professional – $99 a month – 10 WordPress install, 100,000 visits a month, unlimited data transfer, 20 GB local storage
  • Business – $249 a month – 25 WordPress install, 400,000 visits a month, unlimited data transfer, 30 GB local storage
  • Premium – Customized plan with unlimited WordPress installs and unlimited millions of visits a month
  • CDN –Professional, Business and Premium plans includes CDN but with the Personal plan it comes at an additional cost of $19.95 a month.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Speed. Blazing fast
  • Custom dashboard
  • Daily backup with restore points
  • First class support
  • Fast server optimized for WordPress
  • CDN support
  • Strong Reliability & Security
  • No cache plugins required, the server handles that
  • Malware scanning and other high level security features
  • Automatic upgrades to the latest WordPress version
  • Top of the line security and cache which comes built-in to every single site
  • Offers amazing WordPress support to all


  • Only one site in the standard package
  • Extremely Expensive
  • Limited Websites & Local Storage


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