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Why Create Websites In WordPress?

After fourteen years as one of the world’s most popular online publishing platforms, WordPress as website software has a history like few other online tools. It is one of the world’s most downloaded Read More

Getting The Complete phpinfo() In WordPress

It is quite a time when asking for support; the developers might require some additional PHP information. The information includes like system information, build date, configure command, server API, Read More

How To Optimise Your SEO In 2017?

If you are running a small business, it’s not always easy to make the most of your SEO opportunities. If you have the money to invest there is a Read More

Meet CleanTalk, An Anti-Spam Application For Websites

So, you are really happy with the look and feel of your new website and as the number of visitors soars, you must be quite proud of the work you have put in and how it is rewarded in terms of visitors Read More

Adding Multi-Column Content In Your WordPress Blog

Advanced WP Columns

It is pretty much common that you will be interested in adding multi-column content in your WordPress blog. The end purpose can be anything you wish of BUT the decision of adding multi-column will Read More

Top Reasons Why You Should Create A Blog For Your Business

It is imperative that your business gets the kind of publicity and awareness that will bring target customers and clients to you. Marketing and advertising have gone way beyond what it used to Read More

Showcase Your WordPress Themes & Websites At Wp-Radar.com Today


When working with WordPress themes, one can come across certain difficulties. It can be a technical one or simply one involving the look of the theme, a little about a side bar sticking out too Read More

Accelerate Your Website Speed With CDN77 – 28+ PoPs, Pay-as-you-go Prices, No Commitments



In today’s age of high speed broadband, there is one thing that users simply cannot tolerate, latency. Whether it be a seasoned gamer or a teen watching videos online, nobody has the time nor Read More

Have You Moved On With These Major WordPress Revamps Of 2015?


From WP 4.1 to 4.4, a lot has changed in WordPress development services of 2015. Customizable menus, better passwords and site-icons are normal changes as needs analyzed and collected from official Read More

How To Impress Your Web Design Clients


When it comes to web design you have to portray a professional image. Your clients are hiring you to display their business in the best possible light. If you’re not able to do this for you and Read More

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