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What You Prefer? Full Post Or Excerpt For Your Archive Pages


It’s quite a confusing task when one summoned on which one to use for archive pages – full post or just an excerpt. While both options got its own advantage and disadvantage and this is what

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How To Enable Automatic Updates In Your WordPress Blog


While one-to-many time you do notice that some important updates are on the move. Although the automatic update make its entrant with WordPress 3.7 BUT if you feel and really like to have the auto-updating

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WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Perfect


So you are just a step away from launching your website (ofcourse based on WordPress platform) BUT dazzled on the way on thinking that what WordPress plugins you will be requiring

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Getting The Complete phpinfo() In WordPress

It is quite a time when asking for support; the developers might require some additional PHP information. The information includes like system information, build date, configure command, server API

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Checking For Grammar And Spelling Mistakes In Your WordPress Blog

TinyMCE Spellcheck

Just like the way Microsoft Office offers ability to spellcheck and grammar check, one as WordPress blog admin does misses the same ability in WordPress. Result of which many of us wishes to use

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Disabling Automatic Updates In Your WordPress Blog


What WordPress 3.7 Brings In?

WordPress 3.7 was out back late last month with brining very important as well as amazing feature on board

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Creating A Simple But Elegant Price Table In Your WordPress Blog

There is time comes when you wish and want to have a simple but elegant price table in your WordPress blog. While the pricing table requires a fair level of good design knowledge and CSS which makes

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Adding Google Maps In Your WordPress Blog

Google Maps

If you are professional of any kind or running a business or having offices at one-to-many locations, then you do wish to have your location represented by proper Google Maps. Google Maps brings

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10+ Best Old And New Responsive WordPress Blog Themes

WordPress is considered as one of the best as well as powerful blogging content management system. And why not it will be, it works as a strong optimal solution for any kind of website you want to count

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Fixing Broken Links In Your WordPress Blog

It might not be a surprised movement when you click on a link and ends up with nothing but a “404 page not found” error. This is not a onetime thing when one experienced broken links, but it is

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