There was a time when if you wanted to play your favorite casino games and dabble your hands in some slot machines, all you needed to do was walk over to the nearest casino in your area and town, and play till you are exhausted. But with the emergence of the Internet and technological advancements, players didn’t need to travel long distances to physical casinos made with brick and mortar to play their favorite, slots, bingos, and different array of casino games, everything was now within their reach all thanks to several online platforms that offer online casino services,

The emergence of the various online casino and slots outlets brought about reputable service providers that provide a fair opportunity for gamers to win, and then dubious outlets that have a single intention of taking your money. Because of the share number of these online outlets, it became difficult for players to know which platform to utilize and have a profitable gaming experience. So, to bridge the gap and provide a platform where players can identify credible online casino and slot sites, comparison sites such as Boomtown bingo was created.

When did online casino comparison sites come into existence?

There is no exact date as to when the first comparison sites were created, but the record books indicate that the formation of several online casino sites in the late 1990s and early 2000s must have been the catalyst for such creation. Since the inception of the first comparison sites, several other online casino comparison sites such as Boomtown Online have sprung up over the years, offering a unique and unbiased comparative analysis of the various slots, bingos, and online casino platforms in the world today.

Nobody should play a game in an online site they don’t trust, and that has been the mantra used since the inception of the first comparison online casino site. It is one core belief that we share right here at Boomtown. You should absolutely feel on any online gaming sites you decide to play at. It is also the belief that you have a right as a player to get the best deals and have a platform where you can access a variety of online casino sites to see which meets your specifications and requirements. As more and more online casino and slots sites open up on a daily basis, you can trust that online comparison sites like Boomtown can give you a competitive advantage to know which is right for you, and which ones offer the best deals, and just like it was when they first started, online comparison sites are still doing a fantastic job of ensuring you enjoy your favorite games.