As a WordPress developer, one get hundreds of thousands of freedoms, but since everything comes with some cost. The same meant for WordPress development also. You as a WordPress developer can use as much as resources as the way you want, but also its very much important to avoid some of the things which not only take your development process down but also the time you invested in it also loose. In this article, I am highlighting five of major things that as a WordPress developer have to avoid (or at least try to that extent wherever possible).

Using “Admin” As A Username


Majority of WordPress blog admin having their username as “admin,” the five letter word sounds simple and easy but using “admin” as a username opens a lot of doors by which hacker can easily enter into your WordPress website. Moreover, if not hackers, then there are bots keep on looking for installations that let them allow exploiting them in a single go. Better always give you site a unique and strong admin username and password.

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Relying A “Lot” On Shared Hosting

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If you are using shared hosting, then its better don’t rely much on it as shared hosting is not the one which helps you much plus for longer term. As the traffic on your shared server increase to an extent, your site starts showing signs of slowness and with talking and emails to hosting provider, you will get nothing but waste of time. It is highly recommended that you better have your site running on either virtual private server or dedicated server. In case, if you think you can’t afford from either of VPS or dedicated server from the starting, then you can start with shared hosting but make sure with time better move your site to either of those options.

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Avoid Using Excess Plugins Functionality To Your Theme’s Functions Core


Just think like this you are driving in a wrong way or you are driving in a lane which at the end creates a mess for you. Using not one, not two but many of different plugins functionality to your theme’s functions.php template will nothing but end in creating a huge problem for you. As it will turn out a nightmare for you (and even more if other developers also working with you) to troubleshoot conflicts and problems as soon as you upgrades. Better always create a “functionality plugin” whenever you wish to paste any of different function to your theme’s functions.php template.

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Plugins, Plugins And Lots More Plugins


A simple day, plan for an outing and when reached at your outing destination, you found out that there 10x already out there. Make sure you don’t create the same condition for your site. Reason, incorporating a lot of third party will not only create hurdles for whole of your site’s functionality but also make an issue over your site’s loading speed. Always have limited things on board which you think would be highly required. For example, you are running a members site, then it does not means that you end up using multiple plugins for the same. Choose one, but it have to be the best one and worth you installing to your site.

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Installing Your Own jQuery Version


Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! Doing this means you are in the process of ruining everything you start-up with – the whole of your site. Making such mistake is common with Nvoice plugin and theme developers. Just simply avoid this and simply use what you have been offered by WordPress.

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