You just completed your website migration from some other platform (say Joomla and Drupal) over to WordPress and noticed that your images are still making a link to the old source. What makes a problem here sometimes is that importing images from external links can be quite difficult on several occasions. In this article, we showcased the best avail plugins which you can use on to import your external images in WordPress with a few easy clicks. To notice on if the images have been moved, then you have to see in your WordPress Admin’s Media section.

Import External Images

The plugin lets you make local copies of all the linked images in a post, adding them as gallery attachments.

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Add Linked Images To Gallery

The plugin lets you create local copies of external images in the src attribute of img tags. It extracts a list of IMG tags in the post, saves copies of those images locally as gallery attachments on the post.

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Auto Upload Images

The plugin will automatically add external images of a post to WordPress upload directory. The plugin search for images url which exists in post and automatically upload external images to WordPress upload directory and replace external link with your link.

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Auto Save Remote Image

As soon as the post is published, the plugin will fetch the first remote/external image that is referenced. The image that is retrieved is then attached to the post as the featured image while there are no settings to configure.

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Photo Credit: Flickr/Iquo E

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