In the era of mass access to the Internet and connection to networks as prosaic as it might seem, devices such as fridges, washing machines or even vacuum cleaners, extremely important is the basis on which the functioning of the main part of the Internet – websites.

It often happens that when starting to create a new website, programmers usually write the entire code of the website from scratch. However, creators are not always programmers. Ba – most often they had nothing to do with programming in life. And yet they manage to create quite good websites, which they use to present their own content, as well as to earn money. How is it possible?

WordPress rules the web

WordPress is the key to understanding the power and apparent simplicity of the Internet. WordPress is a universal content management system, abbreviated as CMS. Created once for use in creating blogs, it has long since gone beyond its original role. Currently, even 1/3 of the websites available on the world’s internet were created on the basis of WordPress.

This is an impressive result, especially considering the starting point of this CMS at the beginning. What is behind its success? Simplicity and intuitiveness of use, but also – or maybe most of all – the ability to use it to create more complicated things than just a blog or an ordinary website.

A simple basis for great things

WordPress, skillfully used, can be the basis for creating even very complex content. Websites and applications based on WordPress are successfully used in the e-commerce and other Internet services industries. Let’s emphasize it again – simplicity of use is the foundation of success here.

However, there is also a second pillar of universality and popularity – the ability to simply change the appearance and complement the functionality of the site without the need to directly interfere in the code of the site. All thanks to the implemented interface, which allows you to change the appearance of the site in a few moments, with a few clicks.

On the other hand, the expansion of the website’s functionality is possible thanks to free extensions, available at hand, the number of which has already exceeded 50 thousand at the moment. Thanks to such an output base for building a website and building web applications into it, it is no wonder that WordPress is so widely used.

WordPress is the foundation of online business

Since WordPress has such a wide range of possibilities, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that hundreds of online shops, companies offering online services, or simple websites presenting content on a specific subject matter are being created every day.

What is worth emphasizing, it is quite natural that a website, which was just a simple, thematic website, in a few moments can turn into a fully functional online store, offering assortment in many categories. This is how WordPress magic works.