How To Display Recent Posts From All Sites

The following snippet will display recent posts from all sites.

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How To Display Twitter Feed In WordPress

With an age of social media, it is very much important to display twitter feed in your WordPress website. Moreover, it is not only just for getting updates but also to encourage people more often with the tweets. To display twitter feed in WordPress, using the following snippet will let you achieve this.

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How To Execute Shortcode From Custom Field

The snippet will let you add shortcode to a WordPress custom field while by default; the option is not available by WordPress.

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How To Generate Your Own Portfolio With Filtering Based On Taxonomy

Using the following snippet will let you generate your own portfolio with the help of filtering based on taxonomy.

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How To Get An RSS Feed And Display Items With A Loop

Use of the following snippet will let you get an RSS feed and display items with a loop.

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How To Get Attachments For Post Or Page

Using the following snippet below will let you get attachments for posts or pages.

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