How To Restrict WP Admin Access To Certain Users

Thanks to snippet below, with adding it to your theme’s functions.php file of your theme, you will be able to restrict WP admin access to certain users.

Snippet Source/Credit: WordPress Codex

How To Store Dynamic Sidebar In A Variable

The use of the following snippet will let you store dynamic sidebar in a variable.

Snippet Source/Credit: Stack Exchange

How To Use Gravatars In Your Script

The use of Gravatars in recent times is on full rise and result of which more and more people want to use it in their script. This is where, the snippet below will help you achieve this and let you add Gravatars in your script.

Snippet Source/Credit: AppHP

How To Add Custom Styles To Visual Editor In WordPress

Using the following snippet will let you add custom styles to visual editor in WordPress.

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How To Display Custom Posts With Pagination

By default, in WordPress, a page name and custom post type can’t have the same name. Well, using the snippet below, you will be able to display custom posts with pagination.

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How To Add Custom Images Sizes To WordPress

The following snippet below will let you add custom images sizes to WordPress.

Snippet Source/Credit: Snipplr