For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

WPMU Dev has been an elite part of the premium WordPress community for years. Although WPMU is renowned for exceptional plugins, they’ve recently branched out and created a hosting

The last couple of years has seen lots of changes and evolution in the hosting world. And new product WPMU Hosting has played a key role in ushering that change.

In this review guide, we would check out some of the features of WPMU Dev Hosting, and what makes it a renowned hosting product.

Before we get started properly, let’s talk a bit about the WPMU Dev catalogue.

The entire WPMU Dev catalogue includes backup, forms, White labeling, security, SEO, and more. They combine to provide an enjoyable user experience for webmasters and site owners. In addition, all aspects of the suite integrate, offering users a worthwhile experience

The Hosting product is another addition to the WPMU Dev catalogue. Hosting is WPMU Dev’s way of creating one in all platforms for WordPress site owners and webmasters.

Background on WPMU Dev Hosting

WPMU has been working to improve its product offering and services for clients all over the world. The company has moved into the hosting world by combining hosting with its premium plugins.

WPMU Dev hosting still encapsulates all that is good with other WPMU Dev products. You can expect high-quality service, support and performance.

The best way to describe WPMU Dev Hosting is to call it a hosting hybrid. Right now, it exceeds all other hosting products in the market, and the fact that it comes from the WPMU Dev hosting team gives it another edge. Upon signing up, users hosting accounts are added to their premium plugins.

The hosting product is a combination of cloud hosting, web hosting and WordPress hosting. For each site, WPMU Dev employs Digital Ocean’s cloud, however, this is not a complete cloud hosting package. They also have pre-configuration for WordPress for each site and web hosting. So, the WPMU Dev hosting has a bit of everything.

Pros of Using WPMU Dev Hosting

WPMU Dev hosting has tremendous standout features. The combination of all of these features makes WPMU Dev hosting a must-have. Even with their popularity, WPMU Dev is still relatively unknown. They pride themselves in quality and performance and this is seen in the WPMU Dev hosting product.

Platform Quality & Performance

WPMU Dev is renowned for high-quality and high-performing plugins. They also provide a detailed level of support on go.

The WPMU Dev hosting product is on the Digital Ocean’s cloud infrastructure, one of the top cloud hosting companies in the world.

The combination of WPMU’s WordPress platform and Digital Ocean’s merits, installation, speed and performance of your website will always leave visitors satisfied

Overall, the performance and quality of WPMU Dev hosting is right up there with the best

Total Platform Pricing & Value

WPMU Dev has a pricing system that is inclusive of all its product offerings. As a member, you have access to all the premium plugins, support, and hosting. There are various subscription models available to users. The good news is with each model, you get an inclusive package consisting of hosting, SEO, security, backup and more.

Looking at the entire picture, you are not only getting hosting accounts but also the entire premium plugin catalogue from WPMU Dev, in addition to the support that comes with each plugin.

All products integrate seamlessly, so you won’t have to worry about specific limitations or integration issues.

Data Centers & Features

WPMU Dev hosting has a plethora of hosting features and developer features. Users can choose various data center locations for their website by using Digital Ocean. This is very handy for people with a global following. The developer features include; SSLs, migration tools and more. All these features are handing for building websites for clients. These features are known to add value without the stress of more workload.

Customer Support

Even in the absence of phone support, WPMU Dev hosting has a great chat and forum system. The interaction with the support system enables people to solve their issues one time. The support has lots of knowledge in WordPress and can help you with a lot.


WPMU Dev hosting has a clean user interface. It is user-friendly and can be used by people with average tech knowledge. It has a broad user appeal, and this makes it useful to a variety of users. There is prompts on-screen that aid user navigation.


WPMU Dev Hosting is a long-awaited addition to the hosting world. It comes with lots of features, and functionality. As a product of WPMU Dev, you are guaranteed top-quality service and high performance. With WPMU Dev, you get much more. With the available subscription plan, you get access to the entire WPMU Dev product offering. That’s a lot of useful tools wrapped up in one payment subscription.