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Change footer-text in WP Admin

Using the code will change the text in the bottom of the WP admin pages.

Include Future Posts in RSS Feed

Adding the snippet to your theme’s functions.php file will let you appear your future posts in your RSS feed.

Remove meta-boxes

Using this snippet, you can remove the meta-boxes you don’t use.

Remove Gallery Settings

Gallery setting often make you irritated. The following snippet will simply remove all the gallery settings from the media upload section. All you have to do is simple add the code in your functions.php file.

Remove Login Shake

The following snippet has to be added to functions.php and it will remove the “wrong password” screen shake.

QR Code With Article Link

To have the QR-code rendered for every article, just insert the following snippet inside the WordPress loop.

Detect iPhone Users

The following snippet will helps you detect visitors which are using an iPhone, allowing you to create a better experience for them.

Remove Pages Columns

The code will allow you to remove a column from pages.

Enable debug mode

Add this to your wp-config.php and you will be able to debug your WordPress blog if something went wrong.

Check PHP Version

Since WordPress 3.2 version made its debut, PHP 5.2.4 is required for it to run. The time ever since development of plugins for this version come into existence you might require to check that whether the PHP version is up to date or not.

Hide admin ‘help’ tab

Seeing the ‘help’ tab all the time in the top right corner of the WordPress admin area will be a devastating experience for your clients. In order to let avoid such conditions on not to happen for them, simply add the following snippet in your functions.php template.

Hide ‘Screen Options’ Tab

If you hated the way the Screen Options tab appearing in front of you in your admin area, then adding this snippet to your functions.php template will do the trick for you. Simply add it.

Change Admin logo

Give your Admin panel a brand look just like whole of your blog; change the logo in the Admin panel with an image of your choice by using this snippet.

Get top level categories / taxonomy

The following code will allow you to get the top level categories and taxonomy.

Dynamic copyright text

The snippet below allows you to create an amazing copyright text for your footer by automatically updating the date using the the_date() function. Just add the code in to your footer.php file.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Helen Cook