When someone says that their site is hosted at WordPress, it speaks for itself. You are sure to come across a site that is elegantly laid, sophisticated in its own right and unlike any other you may have encountered on the web. Additionally, the siteoutlay is extremely fluid, easy to use, with just enough icons and options. But to get the combination right can be a bit of a struggle.

WordPress alone plays host to over 74 million websites, these also include some very famous news, fashion and various hobby sites. Now for such a popular platform, it is only justified that you have plugins that takes care of every little detail, leaving you, the webmaster, to choose from over 36 thousand plugins. This, although amazing in every way, can get vey overwhelming, when you have to scan through, for the ones that you would probably and most definitely need.

So when you have such a conundrum, what do you do? Well, there is a simple solution to it – the infographic set up by setupablogtoday.com. The infographic is a great tool for those looking for SEO plugins for WordPress, CRO plugins and Social Plugins. Each category boasts the top plugins, with star ratings and a small description for each plugin, making it extremely easy for you to make the final choice while another cool piece of information that the infographic shares is the popularity of the plugin, in terms of how many people have used it thus far.

So if you are looking to create your blog and are in the need for some help with your plugins, why not try the infographic. The best part about the whole thing  is that its simple and straight forward, giving you the information without you having to read a whole lot of junk or getting bummed by technical jargon. It’s just the information you need in just the right number of words!