I have been working on WordPress content management system from a pretty long time – then whether it would be for the development of mine own company brands or working on clients projects – I always opt WordPress platform on others. But, in all these years, the things that wondered me that collectively there are plenty of resources for WordPress developers are available on internet – but what are the BEST of them – although almost every single resources speaks its own story and they all have been worked and stand very properly. In this article, I have compiled the 55 most useful resources for WordPress developers.


Starter Kits, Plugins, Widgets, Frameworks

When you planned on to develop a WordPress theme, widget or plugin, the best bet is to start by using a “blank” template file which not only save your time but also will give you a solid foundation. For this, the following are the best resources:

  • WP Starter Kit: WP Starter-Kit is a development template for rapidly building WordPress plugins. The framework provides some useful services and a clean way to structure your plugin while allowing you to build libraries of small functional components.
  • Plugin Starter: Plugin Starter is a new framework to help make WordPress plugin development easier. It is not a boilerplate or template that acts as a starting point for a plugin.
  • WordPress Widget Starter: The WordPress Widget Starter will let you create your own new widget with the help of the sample widget starter code.
  • Threaded Comments: It lets you do basic CSS styling for threaded comments.

WordPress Hosting

Since thousands of web hosts available out there offering Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated as well as Managed WordPress hosting but the question at the top which one to go with. Although we strongly recommend anyone to go with Hostgator but still there are also secondary options available. The priority wise we recommend:

  • Hostgator: This is what our brands are using, all of them. We have been with Hostgator now for over three years and they are very good. They are available 24 by 7, round the clock. Details
  • BlueHost: Another good WordPress hosting provider. Offers number of options. Although we had not tried it directly yet but with having number of clients / past customers websites are on BlueHost. Details
  • DreamHost: DreamHost is good but in our list stands at third position. Having a hold on n number of customers around the world. Tried thrice but still it does not able to make a place in our heart and brain which say us to go with this hosting company. Details

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Free Themes Vs Premium Themes

On starting with your WordPress website development, this question strikes your head many times. Which one to go with – Free themes or Premium themes and the answer of this is in question itself? If you have good knowledge and understanding of coding and know that you can manage all the updates (which is require to fuel up your theme from time-to-time), then free themes will be the right choice for you. But, if you are interested in having someone who can help you whenever required and keep the track of all technical areas of your WordPress themes, then it would be better to opt for premium themes. In either option there are thousands of themes available in both categories.

Other Useful Resource:


Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. There are not one, not two but thousands of useful plugins available – both free and premium in nature. The plugin will either be for anything, ranging from social media to commenting to security and lots more.

Tutorials Sites And Blogs

While during and after completion there would be n number of time you would be requiring tutorial sites and blogs, which helps you time-to-time.

  • WP Tuts+: Interesting WordPress Tutorials collection site.
  • WP Engineer: Huge collection of coding tutorials, tip and tricks.
  • Smashing Magazine: Offering some very in-depth tutorials and articles about WordPress.
  • JustWP.org: Sharing huge collection of tutorials, talks about themes, plugins and lots more.
  • WPMU: A multi-author site, bringing variety of useful stuff.

Snippets Collections

The number of websites (including ours) is offering useful snippets (the short codes) which you can use in your WordPress website to ease the job.

Other Valuable Resources

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