How To Show Top Level And Child Pages In WordPress

The following snippet will let you show top level and child pages in WordPress.

How To Have A/B Split Google Optimizer For WordPress

The following snippet will like you to have A/B split Google optimizer testing done for WordPress.

Snippet Source/Credit: Snipplr

How To Have Content From Separate Pages Without ID In WordPress

The following lines of codes will let you have content from separate pages without ID in WordPress.

How To Add Gravatars For Authors In WordPress

Simply paste the following snippet and you will be able to automatically add the author gravatar to each of their posts respectively.

Snippet Source/Credit: emoticode

How To Add PayPal Functionality In WordPress

Using the following snippet will let you add PayPal button to your WordPress website. Remember to add the snippet to your theme’s functions.php file and you are done.

Snippet Source/Credit: Snipplr