In one of my earlier article, I shared a huge collection of Grid-based WordPress themes, but after receiving number of request from readers over asking about do there are any good Grid-based plugins also available which can be used for WordPress blog. I thought of coming up with this article in which I am going to share the best available WordPress Grid plugins.

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WP e-Commerce Grid View

The plugin automatically activates the WP e-Commerce Grid View feature.

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TheThe Layout Grid

The plugin allows you to display either standard 960px, 1200px layout grids or your custom one.

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Grid Products

The plugin allows you to display products (or other data) in a grid format or list format within your WordPress website.

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WooCommerce Grid / List toggle

The plugin adds a grid/list view toggle to product archives.

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Grid Archives

The plugin offers a grid style archives page for WordPress.

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Genesis Featured Grid

The plugin adds a Genesis Featured Grid widget with grid layout functionality.

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Portfolio Grid

The plugin allows you to display portfolio items in a grid with a interactive filtering system.

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Featured Posts Grid

The plugin will display a grid of posts in any desired location within a template or post. The appearance is highly customizable via the admin options menu (colors, drop shadows, & more).

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Grid Columns

The plugin has one function and one function only — to make columns. You use it by inputting content between [column] and [/column] within your post content editor (or anywhere shortcodes are allowed).

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Responsive Gallery Grid

The plugin will let all of your WordPress galleries will be styled like a Google+ gallery.

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Category Grid View Gallery

The plugin provides a new way to build your Portfolios and Photo Galleries. People who want to show their work using gallery/portfolio don’t have to exclusively install a plugin and upload images on it.

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The plugin lets you build intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns.

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Photo Credit: Flickr/rosmary