Since the world’s first casino was opened in 16th Century Venice the world has slowly gone mad for these gambling establishments, something that can be confirmed quite quickly by a simple walk down the Las Vegas strip. These days they are symbols of decadence, with enough revenue to enable them to build things like zoos and even sports stadiums inside their casino complex.

The house always wins as they say, and it is this fact that has facilitated the ludicrous expansion of some of the world’s super casinos like Dream Jackpot. But here’s the thing: it is hardly impossible to win during a casino session, you just need to know what bets you should avoid when gambling. Some bets are designed to almost always pay in the casino’s favour, once you start avoiding these you might have better luck gambling. Read ahead to find a few out.

Any bet on American roulette

It isn’t always that common knowledge, however American roulette is actually a lot worse for your bankroll than European roulette, and we’re not just being biased here. The reason why is because the American roulette wheel has one extra zero value than the European one, and this skews the house advantage dramatically.

In fact, this one very simple fact actually ends up doubling the house advantage, meaning that you are twice as unlikely to win on an American roulette wheel than on a European wheel. It makes sense, therefore, to avoid making bets on American roulette where possible – always choose the European version if you can!

Blackjack insurance bet

This is a bet that many beginner blackjack players can be suckered into, as it can be a tempting proposition that can be seen to help you keep your bankroll in order. In reality, however, it often leads to the opposite consequence for a variety of reasons. An insurance bet is available whenever the dealer has an Ace, and it is designed to protect your hand in case they end up with blackjack.

Sounds like a good idea on the face of it, doesn’t it? But in actuality the insurance bet is almost always a waste of money. This is because the dealer is more than twice as likely to pick a second card that doesn’t result in a blackjack, and if this happens your insurance bet is wasted.

Craps inside bets

It can be tempting to put your money on the inside bets on a game of craps, because they can seem like they would be more likely to come in successfully, however this isn’t actually the case. In actuality there are only 3 bets on craps that have a pretty low house advantage, and these are:

  • Odds bet: House advantage of 0%
  • Don’t pass: House advantage of 1.36%
  • Pass: 1.41%

In general you should avoid making any other types of bets whist playing craps, unless of course you have a gut feeling, or are able to roll the dice with enough precision to be able to guess the outcome each time.