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15+ Amazing Free Google Plus Icons

With Google Plus just started as an experimental social media trial, and now just in short time span it’s making huge waves in the world. Google Plus not only interests individual but it is making Read More

Excellent WordPress Forum Plugins


Here in this article, we have showcase the best WordPress forum plugins.

Talki Embeddable Forums

The plugin adds a Forums page to your blog and allow your members to start their own conversations and topics on your site.

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Best WordPress Post Rating Plugins


Here in this article, we have showcased the best available posts rating plugins which you can considerably use for your WordPress website.

kk Star Ratings

The plugin allows blog visitors to involve and interact Read More

The Best WordPress Job Board Plugins


Here in this article, we have showcase the excellent WordPress job board plugins.

CATS JobSite

The plugin adds a careers page where visitors can view and apply to your jobs. It connects to the CATS Applicant Read More

Finding A Reliable Product Review Website

The fact that there are so many online outlets that offer various degrees of reviews makes it difficult to pick the one you can trust. Fake reviews are everywhere on the Internet. It is difficult to Read More

Website Building Basics: A Quick Guide

With many businesses transitioning to the Internet, having a company website is becoming more of a necessity than a choice. The good news is, you don’t need to hire a tech whizz or purchase state-of-the-art Read More

Best CSS Plugins For Your WordPress Blog


Known as a style sheet language, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used for describing the presentation semantics of a document written in a markup language. It is the most common application one use to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML. Wondering on how the CSS will make an impact on your WordPress blog, I have collected the best available CSS plugins for you. Hope this list helps you grabbing more.


The plugin gives you creative control in one consistent interface – the WordPress theme customizer.

More Info | Download

Standout Color Boxes and Buttons

The plugin implements colored content boxes and buttons as described in a Studiopress blog post.

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Async JS and CSS

The plugin converts render-blocking CSS and JS files into NON-render-blocking, improving performance of web page.

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Ultimate TinyMCE

The plugin beefed up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.

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Site Layout Customizer

The plugin customize the front page & other pages. Display your posts with different layouts.

More Info | Download

WP font-face

CSS @font-face font replacement for WordPress

More Info | Download

CSS & JavaScript Toolbox

The plugin easily add custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP code to unique CJT code blocks and assign them wherever you want.

More Info | Download

WP Live CSS Editor

The plugin edit, preview changes in real time and save all your project’s CSS stylesheets live in the browser.

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Browser Specific CSS

The plugin allows you to easily target specific browsers and operating systems from your theme’s style sheet using regular CS.

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Simple Custom CSS

The plugin add custom CSS to your WordPress site without any hassles.

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The plugin easily manage the merging and compression of js and css files from plugins and themes.

More Info | Download

Widget CSS Classes

The plugin add custom classes and ids plus first, last, even, odd, and numbered classes to your widgets.

More Info |

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10 Useful Tips for Novice Web Developers in 2020

What is life like for a web developer? Is it a life of opulence? Can they always work on their own terms? Does it entail going to the office daily or working from home?

These are questions almost everyone Read More

Amazing Shadow Icons For Your Next Design

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