TinyMCE Spellcheck

Just like the way Microsoft Office offers ability to spellcheck and grammar check, one as WordPress blog admin does misses the same ability in WordPress. Result of which many of us wishes to use some key software first for processing the document. Well, while what if we brings a solution for your this problem i.e. you can use both your WordPress interface and your WordPress interface does get this ability of spellcheck.

In order to do so, first we would like to ask you to install and activate the plugin name TinyMCE Spellcheck plugin. Once on activated, simply go to Users >> Your Profile to configure the plugin settings. On configured, simply start the process by looking under the proofreading section which let the plugin to automatically check your post or page content either when it is updated or published. Moreover, the plugin gives you the freedom to set checks for both grammar and style rules.

Plugin To Use: TinyMCE Spellcheck

Key Features:

  • TinyMCE Spellcheck adds the spellcheck button back to the editor in WordPress 3.6 and up.
  • The plugin is a fork of the After the Deadline plugin which is now a part of Jetpack.

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