While we covered earlier about a plugin name Table of Content Plus pluginin a review article BUT still some of visitors get confused over on what context one can use the plugin or one can create a table of content in WordPress for either posts or pages.

Table Of Content Plus

Understanding Why It Is Necessary?

Adding table of content to your WordPress website will helps with search engine optimization as Google automatically adds a jump over to section links at the time when the site showed up in search results.

Why To Choose Plugin?

The process of creating a table of content can be done manually BUT it can be difficult for many WordPress beginners. Considering the situation, in this article, we have been showing you on how to achieve this.

Steps To Follow

  • You need to install and activate the plugin name Table of Content Plus.
  • On activation, you need to configure plugin settings. Simply click on Settings » TOC+ in your WordPress admin area.
  • You can select where and when you want your table of contents to appear in the main options tab while the plugin comes with default position set as “before the first heading”.
  • The second thing to keep an eye on is to decide on where the table of content will appear. By default, the plugin will display table of contents if a post or page having over four heading tags while if you wish, you can change it to the number of your choice.
  • There is also an option name ‘Auto insert for the following content types’ which on checking will enable table of contents for your posts as well automatically.

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