The year is coming to an end and we will soon focus our attention on the celebrations. But on the other side of New Year’s Eve is a brand new year. For professionals, this means heralding a new season of designs for clients old and new. Unlike in college, where one could buy design term papers, professional designers don’t have the liberty to get ready made design ideas. So, if you are reading this in 2018 with a client meeting coming up, here’s what to expect in design terms this year.

Mobile interface Takeover

What should have been called a mobile interface spill over has now become a takeover thanks to the overwhelming consumption of content on mobile devices all around us. We knew this was coming in the future, but now we know its already here, people have taken to it and now your designs have to be for mobile devices rather than being compatible with them. Whitespace around content will decrease or be utilised to fit in things that are important and everybody will design for mobile devices that can be viewed on traditional displays as well.


With high speed internet access even over mobile devices, content will now include a lot more videos that people can stream easily. But that also means that instead of becoming add-on content, videos will become mainstream tools of disseminating information. Full page videos of products, something that we started seeing last year, will become more and more regular. Additionally, people might also want to try out 360 videos of their offerings, allowing the customer full control over how he/she wants to view the product.

Progress Spectrum

If you used LinkedIn recently, you must have noticed newly introduced profile strength gauges. Instead of telling you that your profile is 20% or 60% complete, it tells you, whether is a beginner or expert level profile. It then lets you decide, whether you want to take it to the next level. Similarly, you must have come across these news progress bars that are more dynamic and move as you read each line. Instead of breaking down progress into rigid blocks, these tools are meant to track your progress over a spectrum, just like it happens on a normal day.

Cards to stay

There are many designers out there who hate the cards system of display. Its too rigid and overused but sadly, it is extremely effective and will stay a top choice for clients. It works well on all devices and has been adopted by the big wigs of social media too, so cards ain’t going anywhere in 2018.

So, here it is, a quick wrap of what you can expect to top 2018. A couple of fresh ideas and a couple of old ones to maintain the continuity on your past projects. If a clients asks what’s new, you know what to say, and if he/ she has a query about the budget, you have a handle on that too. Either ways, 2018 will be a good year for new products, new designs and new projects, so make it count!