While we earlier talked about allowing users to add images and videos in the comment section, it will be better now if we take a step further and add numbers to the WordPress comments layout. You did notice one-to-many websites where numbers have been used to count on comments. Adding this to your own site, will further let you attract visitors more to your website. In this article we will show you how you can customize the comment layout by doing this minor addition of adding numbers to your WordPress comments layout.

To get started, first download, install and activate the plugin name Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering. The plugin works well for WordPress 2.7 and later and will numbers your comments sequentially and hierarchically. It includes threading, paging, and your choice of ascending or descending date order.

The plugin provides an accurate sequential numbering for each comment, including hierarchical numbering up to the full 10 levels supported by WordPress. You can display the numbered comments in either ascending or descending date order, on multiple pages or on one long page, and with or without threading enabled. Moreover, it also handles pingback and trackback numbering.

Plugin In Use: Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

The plugin numbers comments sequentially and hierarchically; handles comments which are threaded, paged and/or reversed while coders can call the function directly.

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